The Men from Hyde – Reginald Bertram Everest

Born 1884 to William and Eleanor at 34 Hyde Close, and registered in the 1901 Census as an Estates Agents clerk, he must have emigrated to Canada in the years before the war. He enlisted in the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and is recorded as C of England.

Service number 487499-Private.

The account of his death is unusually full, the explanation being that Canadian forces put a much higher premium on informing close relatives of the details of death.

The Canadian Records state that he was in the support lines to the west of the village of Courcelette. The sharpest engagements of the battle had occurred two weeks earlier as the Canadian troops were sent in:

“He was on duty with his machine gun in the rear of his platoon on return from support trenches in the vicinity of Courcelette, Oct. 4th 1916. Enemy put up a heavy barrage and he was killed instantly by a shell. His body lay in full sight of the enemy and could not be recovered until the next day when it was buried in a spot close to where he fell on the ridge between K. Dump near Ovillers and Macdonell trench.”

Further directions for his grave follow…….”Buried south of Courcelette 4 miles North East of Albert”

But the Commonwealth War Graves record lists his name on the Canadian Memorial, Vimy Ridge, as: missing, killed in action.

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