The Men from Hyde – John Simmons

John Simmons entered the army 1888 as a band boy, and he married Helen Mary Burrow in 1900.  They lived at 4, Greenhill Road in Aldershot.

John the Royal West Surrey Regiment, and by 1911 he had become a Colour Serjeant (Serjeant-Major 7178) 5th Bn Rifle Brigade stationed at Cambridge Barracks and Recruiting Office, Francis Street, Woolwich.

John first served in France 12 January 1915. After being commissioned, Second Lieutenant Simmons was killed accidentally at Aldershot, 21st August, 1916, while serving in the Bombing School attached to the 3rd Battalion. He was buried in Aldershot Military Cemetery (PR AH. 347).

His son John G. served in Germany as a Boy in The Royal Flying Corps, then The Royal Air Force and survived the War.

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