May Competition Winners 2013

Report by Hermione Laake

‘Write the opening chapter of a children’s book for children age 8-12 years.’

Judy Waite (an award winning writer and a senior lecturer with The University of Winchester, who has written at least 40 books), was our adjudicator for the evening. Judy said that she had enjoyed reading the entries and that it was just as enjoyable as reading a book on her way home from work. Judy explained that the main criteria which she used for judgement was whether people had adhered properly to the description given for the competition (for example, the age that the work was aimed at was important).

In her usual playful style Judy kept us in suspense as she announced the winners.

You can read more about Judy at


In 1st place: Pickled Squirrel and Chips by Helen Adlam

2nd Place: Red Alert at Zyfn Academy by Dorothy Collard

3rd Place: Wizzy’s Worm by Anthony Ridgway


Highly Commended (in no particular order):

Jesse Ray by Lisa Nightingale

Brotherhood of the Bee b Celia Livesey

Introducing Candy Cupcake by Karina Moore

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