Book Fair – 11th June 2019 from 6pm

Published Members’ Book Fair

Tuesday 11th June from 6pm – 7.30pm 

followed by a talk at 7.30pm from 

Simon Hall

crime writer and BBC TV and Radio News Correspondent

Writing Crime, Reporting Crime

with special guest, Professor Joy Carter, DL, Vice Chancellor, University of Winchester

Programme finishes at approximately 9.30pm

The Stripe Building, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester

Come along and meet the  authors who are all members of the Hampshire Writers’ Society. Talk to them about their path to publication. Some will have their books available for sale and signing on the night.

Meet the Authors!


 Rosie pic

Rosie Travers grew up in Southampton and after juggling a career in local government with raising her family, she moved to Southern California with her husband in 2009. She began a blog about her life as an ex-pat wife which re-kindled a teenage desire to become a writer. Her first novel The Theatre of Dreams was published by Crooked Cat Books in August 2018 and her second Your Secret’s Safe With Me in February 2019.   Rosie takes inspiration from her local surroundings for her writing and both books are set in fictional locations along the south coast. She is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association and enjoys entertaining her readers with stories populated by colourful characters, intrigue, romance and good dose of humour.


Theatre of Dreams

Musical theatre actress Tara is down on her luck and in need of a job. When terminally ill octogenarian Kitty invites her to take over the running of her former dance academy in the old fashioned resort of Hookes Bay, Tara thinks she’s found her guardian angel. But it soon becomes very clear Kitty is being far from benevolent.

Too late Tara realises helping Kitty will signal the end of an already tarnished carer, unless she can pull of the performance of a lifetime.

The book is published by Crooked Cat Books and is available to order now on

Your Secret’s Safe With Me

Romantic Novelist Pearl makes a surprise announcement and sends daughter Becca’s organised life reeling into chaos. The pair quit their London home and move to a tight-knit sailing community on the south coast. As Pearl embraces her new life amongst local sailing fraternity, Becca receives a grim warning that if she wants to keep her family safe, she should keep them away. But why should Becca trust the man who has betrayed her before, the man who broke her heart, the man who thinks he knows all her secrets?

Rosie can be contacted via her website 
and Twitter @RosieTravers


IMG_20190527_094218[3065]Lisa Nightingale has been a member of the Hampshire Writers’ Society for over six years, an active committee member for more than three of those. Taking a back seat to concentrate on the writing of her book, she will publish her first novel, A Bite of the Past, on Thursday 6th June. In her spare time, and when not exploring the countryside and coastline with her family, she can be found writing the monthly Tuesday night report, chasing speakers for guest posts and updating the blog. Lisa lives in Fareham with her husband and three children who, thankfully, she says, are not just willing, but enthusiastic to join her in an assortment of “active research”. ‘I love writing, it wraps me in the company of countless varied, wonderful and inspirational characters, not to mention enigmatic settings and stirring history – both real and fictional!” Lisa says.

PrintA Bite of the Past

“Teddy, mein Schatzi, this the Wild West, isn’t it? Murder is what people do to each other here … no one will notice.”

Over one hundred years later, Teddy lives in a manor house on the south coast of England, knowing nothing but the senses, emotions and memories allowed to him by his only friend, László. Because László knows best…

A misplaced stumble into the empty stable sparks a memory that is fresh, fortuitous and precious; Teddy is hooked. He determines to escape László and recapture his place in time, his inheritance and his family. But love and his internal demon have plans of their own for him. The question is: can he control them?

Does he want to take another BITE OF THE PAST?


Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure

thumbnail_Seaside Wizzy - front of pcard invitation RGB 200ppi


Anthony’s first book Wizzy the Animal Whisperer is out now as an audio book read by Sheila and David Suchet.



Gill HollandsA passion for sci-fi/ fantasy as a teenager led to B. Random writing a first book aged fourteen. After a family and a career in law and medicine, came a chance to return to her first love for writing. Her inspirations come from science, wildlife and nature, especially the sea. She has been a member of the Hampshire Writers’ Society since its inception.

The appeal of living in another world, escaping from the mundane, endures.  Delighting in the weird and wonderful, sharing glorious flights of imagination, she draws you into fantasy lands and darkest emotion. The style will take your breath away and make you smile. Expect a vivid roller-coaster of action, emotion and the unexpected. For her, the writer’s reward is to take other people into that brand new world and show them its magic. 



The Chandlers Ford Writers


Secret Lives of Chandler’s Ford features short stories that are contemporary,historical and futuristic. The writers live and work locally. Each of the writers has their own individual style. However they wanted a theme to unify the collection. As they all love Chandler’s Ford it became apparent that there could be no better backdrop to their stories.

More Secret Lives of Chandlers Ford: A Second Collection of Short Stories: Volume 2



Damon L. Wakes holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, and Ten Little Astronauts—the novella he submitted as the final project for that course—has since been accepted for publication by Unbound. It is due to be released sometime in 2018. He writes everything from humour to horror, and produces a brand new work of flash fiction every day during July each year. Damon also writes interactive fiction and games, and provided the story and dialogue for Game of the Year nominated virtual reality title Craft Keep VR.

Novels and novellas:

Ten Little Astronauts (Unbound):

 10littleastronautsTen Little Astronauts is   currently available  through retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones . I’ll have some for sale at the book fair even though strictly speaking that’ll still be a couple of days before the trade publication date.



The U.N. Owen is adrift in interstellar space. With no lights, no life support, no help for ten trillion miles, it seems as though things can’t get any worse. Then, they find a body.

Ten astronauts are woken from suspended animation to deal with a crisis on board their ship.

Selected from a crew of thousands, none of them knows any of the others: all they know is that one of their number is a murderer.

And until they work out who it is, none of them can go back to sleep.


Face of Glass:

“Written in a gorgeous, lyrical style reminiscent of the best of oral storytelling tradition, Face of Glass digs deep into an expertly-constructed world an anthropologist could not fault. (I am an anthropologist, and I cannot fault it.) Wakes hits a mark somewhere between fantasy and myth, exploring identity and power and arrogance in the vein of the great heroic cycles.” ~MR Graham

Flash Fiction Anthologies:
OCR is Not the Only Font:

Red Herring:

Bionic Punchline:

Osiris Likes This:


We All Saw It Coming:

Games and Interactive Fiction:
Spoiler Alert (Megafuzz, 2014):

Craft Keep VR (Strange Fire, 2017):

Interactive Fiction:

Social Media:


Twitter: @DamonWakes



Eve Phillips photo

Eve has always written – from teenage angst-laden poetry to full length novels, but due to Dyslexia appeared unable to produce any kind of readable M/S until late (very late) in life, when she acquired a computer and with the wonderful aid of Spellcheck finally made it to print in 1999 with ‘A YEAR OUT OF TIME’, an account of her life as a twelve year old evacuee in WW2.

1998 she attended her first of many Winchester Writer’s Conference and had a ‘One to One’ with the late, great, Michael Legat. His interest in her storyline and following encouragement and support over many months resulted in her first novel, ‘AND ALL SHALL BE WELL’: the journey through life of a young boy, from an idyllic life on the Cornish coast, through WW2 and the aftermath of the Holocaust. Failing to find a UK Publisher this was first published in 2003 in the USA and was runner-up for the Society of Author’s Sagittarius Prize in the same year.

Committed to combining creative fiction with strong factual backgrounds, from WW2 to the present day, Eve has to date produced 10 books and is currently working on number 11.

She took the long hard road (and in 2003 it was a long hard road) to self-publishing with increasing success, now her books are sold world-wide on Amazon Kindle and Published in paperback by Amazon CreateSpace.

She enjoys giving talks, especially to schools, hosting workshops and writing Book Reviews for the Society of Women Writers & Journalists Magazine, ‘Woman Writer’.

With luck and a following wind Eve aims to beat Mary Wesley’s record of still writing at ninety. She can be found lurking around Literary Festivals and on her website:

A YEAR OUT OF TIME – Experiences of evacuation to a remote Worcestershire hamlet in WW2

AND ALL SHALL BE WELL – Book 1 OF A CORNISH WW2 SAGA. Francis Lindsey’s story is of friendships in war and peace; of courage and weakness, guilt and reparation, to the ultimate replenishment of his humanity in the aftermath of the holocaust spans 50 years.

MATHEW’S DAUGHTER – Book 2. Returning to her father’s Cornish Flower Farm from her wartime service in the WRAF, the fiery and uncompromising Caroline finds a number of problems standing in the way of her love for an enigmatic Frenchman.

THE CHANGING DAY – Book 3. A wartime romance between a shore-bound, single WREN and a married, sea-going Lieutenant seems unlikely to stand the test of time, while his estranged father and her rather flighty mother serve only to complicate matters.

A VERY PRIVATE ARRANGEMENT – WW2. Relationships and romance with a difference set in London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

RETURN TO FALCON FIELD – From the US to the UK. An intertwining of two love stories told in flashbacks from the 1960’s to the 1940’s.

ALL IN THE END IS HARVEST – A sequel to Return to Falcon Field. One young woman’s search for her past leads her to an abandoned airfield, a wartime affair and its legacy of love.

A VERY ARTISTIC AFFAIR – The eternal triangle: 1960’s Infidelity in the Home Counties, Resolution in Devonshire and Retribution in New England.

THE TURNING POINT – The need to leave her beloved Cornish home and an unrequited love sends naïve twenty year old Cassandra in panic stricken flight into the unknown world of Millennium London.

FEET ON THE GROUND – Cornwall in Winter. A beautiful but neglected old house, an ex-soldier, a teenage son, a sinister man-servant, a recently jilted ex-PA, a large hairydog with few social graces…put them together and what do you have?


Goodreads pic[50634]

Dai retired in 2004 following the sale of his local businesses in Southampton and Winchester. He joined a Creative Writing class which he still attends weekly. He is also a regular visitor to the Hampshire Writers’ Society and the annual Winchester Writers’ Festival

He writes crime dramas with the themes of obsession, revenge and justice. He’s attended many murder trials at the Old Bailey. The capacity of ‘ordinary’ people who become motivated to carry out extraordinary acts never ceases to amaze him.

He received wonderful reviews and won several awards for his debut novel, Blazing Obsession: a silver medal from The Wishing Shelf and a Top Ten place in Bookbag’s self-published novels in 2014.

Reckless Obsession (a sequel but can also be read as a stand-alone novel) was published in March 2018.



When DCI Flood’s wife is murdered in a hit-and-run attack by a vengeful gang, his life is torn apart. The police fail to discover the perpetrators. Two years later, the investigation is relegated to a cold case. Flood becomes obsessed, spending all his spare time hunting his wife’s killers, alienating friends and family. After witnessing another shocking murder, he is plunged into the menacing world of organised crime. His investigations unearth startling similarities to the cold case which puts his life in danger.

The best link to buy the book is to direct them to my website:

There is a direct link from there to Amazon,Waterstones Winchester and the publisher, New Generation Publishing.


Justin’s book The Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon was among the shortlist of five manuscripts in the Times Children’s Fiction Competition 2018

Justin Strain

The Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon: The year is 1832. Portsmouth is a hotbed of crime and villainy. Kitty Hawkins and her friend, Charlie Miller are led by a mysterious stranger, Samuel Peabody, into a murky web of intrigue. As the mystery unfolds, they realise the danger that they are in, and before long they are fighting for their lives.

‘The Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon’ is Justin’s first novel.  It is a fast-paced historical adventure story, aimed at 11-14 year-olds, full of dark secrets and conspiracy.

Justin grew up in Portsmouth and, after studying Law and Theology at Queens’ College, Cambridge, he returned to his home town while serving in the Royal Navy. He left the navy in 2001 to retrain as a physiotherapist, and continues to work in this role, alongside writing his books. After leaving the navy, Justin served as a volunteer with the Portsmouth Lifeboat between 2006 and 2017. Justin still lives in Portsmouth with his wife, Emma, and two children. When he is not working or writing he enjoys messing around on boats and playing the violin.

Scarlet Ribbon

‘The Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon’ Volume 1 (The Kitty Hawkins Adventures): is available from P&G Wells Booksellers, Winchester as well as on Amazon: Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon

Buy The Secret of the Scarlet Ribbon: Volume 1 (The Kitty Hawkins Adventures) by Mr Justin D R Strain (ISBN: 9780993280931) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.




The Perfect Girlfriend was published in March 2018 (in e-book, hardback and audio narrated by Anna Friel, the paperback due  in January 2019) and is published by Wildfire at Headline.

It’s a psychological thriller about a woman named Juliette who is very much in love with an airline pilot named Nate. She wants to marry him and has their whole future mapped out. There is a snag, however, which is that Nate dumped her six months ago. However, Juliette is a determined, damaged character and has a plan to win him back which involves…

Getting a job as a flight attendant for the same airline as him.

Using her old key and letting herself into his flat when he’s away.

Spying on him using social media and installing a spy app on his phone.

And this is the just the beginning…

What I did with the character was I experimented to see how far someone would go when they operated outside normal social boundaries.

I worked as a flight attendant for many years before concentrating on my writing. I studied creative writing classes online, locally and in London. I’ve been a member of the Hampshire Writers Society for a few years now and I love the way it brings people together who are passionate about writing.

The Perfect Girlfriend is already out in France and Germany and will soon be released in Italy. It will be published in the States and Canada early next year. It will continue to be published throughout this year in several more countries around the world.

Follow this link to visit Karen’s website


thumbnail_Headshot - Anne Wan


Anne began writing six years ago when her middle son became ill. As he convalesced she helped him transform an idea that he had, into a book. This ignited her enthusiasm for writing stories for children. She started writing picture books as a hobby and went on to study creative writing with Barbara Large. Anne is passionate about inspiring children as readers and writers. She enjoys giving talks, craft and storytelling sessions in schools, libraries, and Brownie groups.


Having completed the Snow Globe trilogy, I am excited to announce the release of my debut picture book Manners Fit for the Queen. In this humorous story, Hector causes chaos with his terrible table manners. His sister, Isobel, has found her own way to cope with the mess. But how will she cope when they are both invited to a tea party with the Queen?






Secrets of the Snow Globe – Menacing Magic is the finale to my ‘Secrets in the Snow Globe’ series. Chaos rages in the world inside the snow globe following the theft of seven, magical, diamond snowflakes. In a race against time, Louisa and her brother, Jack, shrink into the globe and embark on a perilous journey to catch the thief. Can they retrieve thenowflakes before the snow globe world is destroyed?

Snow Globe VanishingSecrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices

Can they succeed in their quest to help their new friends, and find a way back to Grandma’s house? A captivating adventure story of courage and friendship for 7-9 yrs. In a land of magic, snow, and secrets Louisa and her brother, Jack, are flung into a dangerous mountain adventure when they shrink into their Grandma’s snow globe.





Secrets of the Snow Globe  – Shooting Star

How much does Grandma know about the snow globe’s magic? Louisa and her brother, Jack, are determined to discover the truth. In this sequel to, Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices, Grandma’s story is revealed. But how much should she tell? After all, some secrets are best left untold…

Are you ready for the magic?


You can purchase the books from


Martin’s books:

Jottings from the Trans-Siberian Railway


Jottings from the Trans-Siberian Railway, 290pp, 220 photos, 3 maps.  Hardback.  £14.95

Read the Allison Symes’ interview with Martin Kyrle about the writing of this book and of his adventures on the Trans-Siberian Railway in the Chandlers Ford Today blog.

Recently published: Jottings from Russia and the Baltic States.  Part 1: Russia and Estonia.  160pp 120 photos, 2 maps.  Paperback.  £9.95



Caird Publications Poster [536357]

Aviation novels by David Bruce available on Amazon Kindle

Finishing School

Night of the Whirlwind


Scorpion Force

The Prototypes



JUDE HAYLAND is a teacher and writer who spent over 25 years writing commercial short stories for women’s magazines (under the name Judith Wilson) both in the UK and internationally.  She has been a runner-up in the Bridport Short Story competition.

Graduating from Winchester University’s CRITICAL AND CREATIVE WRITING M.A. course with DISTINCTION ten years ago, she has spent the past decade teaching creative writing, running workshops and tutoring English and Drama in addition to writing.   Born and brought up in London, she has lived in Winchester for 25 years, but also spends a great deal of time at a family house in North West Crete.


My novel, COUNTING THE WAYS, published by Matador in 2017, is set in the 1980s and spans several locations including London, Oxford, remote Wales and a fictitious Greek island.   Literary/commercial crossover/book group fiction, it explores the complexities of family relationships, separation, loss and love over two generations.  My next novel, THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS, is due for publication in autumn 2019.   A dual timeline, the story is set in both late 1960s/early 70s as well as in the early 2000s.   I am currently working on my third novel.



TJHObbsI have been writing for nearly thirty years even though I was discouraged at school because I was dyslexic, although in the sixties no one had heard of Dyslexia!

Twenty years later I was told by my spirit guides that I should write the story that I had been thinking about but at first I dismissed this as impossible but they kept nagging me until I started writing and I haven’t stop since.

I currently have 3 published novels; A day trip to Heaven (which came second in the Kindred Spirit writers competition) Karma Neural and the latest novel is A Skylark Sings. All of them have a spiritual theme such as past lives or healing.

 I have also written children’s books, a SF novel for teens, SF space series and many short stories which I enter into competitions. My SF series is with Angry Robot now and I am hoping it will get accepted by them.

I live in North Hampshire and am self employed which gives me time to write but no sick pay or holiday pay. I love to travel and will be off to Croatia soon. I have ridden horses all my life but at the moment I ride friends as I cannot afford to own one right now. I love all animals and wildlife which I combine with a love of photography. I do many different crafts such as beading, stained glass windows and walking stick making and want to do some watercolour art classes soon. I also teach and practise Tai-Chi and go ballroom dancing every week.

My hope is to one day making my living from my writing so I continue to write and hopefully improve all the time. I am currently writing the tenth novel of my Solar Star SF series and more short stories for competitions.

Visit her website for more information and stories;

A Skylark Sings[2589]A Skylark Sings

A saboteur is loose on the film set of the WW1 BBC production of the book “A Skylark Sings.” The motive is obvious from the start but the perpetrator is not so easily identified and the saboteur baits the police before ramping up the number and severity of incidents putting life’s at risk.

After actor Alex Ward and his girlfriend Elisabeth Ireland saves the live of the executive producer from his car after his break’s are cut, they become the targets for the saboteur fury.

Lives lived in 1916 are now brought back together for good or ill as the past catches up with the present but who will survive the encounter this time around.

HeavenDay Trips to Heaven

What is Heaven really like? This novel will help you find out! Ethan is learning the ropes as a spiritual guide and not finding it at all easy, despite the help of his lovely mentor Danielle and the Archangel Haniel. He is allowed to bring a few deserving souls from Earth to Heaven for a preview of the afterlife and it changes them all. This is a charming book full of gentle humour and spiritual wisdom. It is a compassionate account of the lessons each one of us needs to learn during our earthly journeys; letting go of pain, discovering our life’s purpose and caring for the planet.

Karma NeutralKarma Neutral 

This is T. J. Hobbs second novel and concerns a successful business man, James Wiley, who is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

He has to reassess his life so far and after talking with his reflexologist he decided to try to becoming Karma Neutral before he dies. In the process he learns a lot about himself and Karma from Tara, a Karma therapist. James realizes he should have taken another path in this life time but like many of us circumstances pushed him away from it but now he has the chance to find his true calling. On the way to Karma Neutrality he finds love and many other surprise.

It is a inspiring and heart-warming novel with two great surprises near the end that take the breathe away. A novel that deserves to be widely read and enjoyed as a spiritual masterpiece.


sEARCHING FOR lOVESearching for Love reveals convent life during the 1970s as seen through the eyes of Frankie, an innocent young postulant and her friend, Margaret, who form a close relationship, which is discouraged by the nuns. Readers are offered glimpses of harsh practices, contrasted with comic interludes, that trace Frankie’s gradual disillusionment as she struggles with her dilemma: love, or the church?

’Followers of the television series, Call the Midwife,
will enjoy this compelling and unusual story
Barbara Large MBE



A Love as Strong is a tender sequel to Searching for Love that reveals Frankie’s new life as a teacher after she left the convent. Readers will enjoy reading her naive encounters as she searches for a loving partner. This exceptional book traces the transition of the Frankie, as she explores her new life and her encounters with potential suitors. Readers will revel in the final chapters as she forms a cherished relationship with the man of her dreams.




‘Enjoyable, well written and entertaining’, Poolbeg Press.


booklaunch_n (2)

Cheryl Butler has a PhD in history and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, her writing career spans academic publications for the Southampton Records Series and Hampshire Papers, to history publications on the Tudor and Spa periods as well as being writer-director of the Sarah Siddons Fan Club Theatre Company. Her first novel was inspired by her PhD research which focused on 16th century documents in the Southampton Archives. It made her think about what it would have been like to live during the turbulent events of the later years of Elizabeth I.


20170824_163010 (2)


This publication looks afresh at Jane Austen’s time in Southampton. Using themes from Jane’s novels and her experiences in Southampton recorded in her letters, this book considers the town’s history as a bathing resort and spa.  Balls, the Militia, Gothic Romanticism, Scandal, Friends, Acquaintances & The Southampton Austens all appear in this lavishly illustrated publication.




Drawn from original source material The Theatre of the World is an epic historical novel woven around real events, places and people and is inspired by the author’s research into the Spanish Armada and the impact on the lives of the people of Southampton. In 1588: England has never seen such peril – as sea, the formidable Spanish fleet prepares to invade and on land rumours, mistrust and fear are rife. For Richard Mudford, sometime privateer, artillery man and town sergeant, these are momentous times when a clever man without too many scruples can make a name and a fortune. Mudford begins his journey as an ally of the ruthless merchant John Crooke, but others are relentless in trying to bring him to disaster. In an attempt to boost his burgeoning career he rejects the woman he truly loves,and instead makes an alliance with the French Sohier family. His marriage almost costs him his life and he has no choice but to ally himself to Francis Drake and the ambitious young Earl of Essex, to thread his way through the murky politics of Queen Elizabeth’s sunset days.


The books can be purchased from Cheryl  via her website




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