The Men from Hyde – Alfred Wyatt

Alfred’s father George was born in Gosport in 1823 and worked as a sawyer in Alverstoke/Gosport. George married Mary Ann Lloyd across the water at Portsea in June 1854; George was 31 but Mary Ann only about 16 years old.

In the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses they can be found with their children living in Joseph Street, a street away from George’s parents in Newtown, Gosport. They had many children: George Edward (b. 1857), Maria Clara (b. 1858), Elizabeth (b. 1860), Jane (b. 1863), Alice (b. 1866), James (b. 1869), Ada (b. 1871), all born in Newtown. In the 1871 census George Jr, now 14, is working as an errand boy; (Maria) Clara, now 12, is a domestic servant.

In the 1881 census there are three more children: Kate (b. 1874), Rose (b. 1877) and Alfred (b. 1879). The family is still living in Joseph Street.

It appears that a young son William died in 1882 aged one year. In 1883, Edith Gertrude was born. The following year Mary Ann (wrongly noted as Mary Hannah) died at the end of 1884, aged only 47. A one-year old son, Edward Albert, died at the same time. Without ordering their death certificates it is impossible to know why they died, but it is probable that Mary Ann and her son died of an illness.

In the 1891 census George, a widower, is working as a general labourer, aged 69. He is now living at 4, Peto Street, St Mary’s, Southampton, with his children Alice (25), Kate (17), Rose (14), Alfred (11) and Edith (7).

George died in 1894, aged 72.

In 1900, Alice Wyatt married Henry Jones in Winchester. A year later in the 1901 census Alice and Henry are living at 21, High Street, Winchester.  Henry is a licensed victualler, employed on a ship elsewhere. With Alice are her sisters Maria Clara (42) and Gerty (Edith Gertrude, 17) and brother Alfred, now 21 and working as an assistant in a bar.

Ten years on, the family is living together at 33, Monks Road. Alice (45) has been married for 10 years and has had three children: Henry Alfred (6) and Lenard [sic] Victor (4); one child has died. Maria Clara (52), Edith Gertrude (27, a shop assistant) and Alfred (31, a waiter) are also living with her. There is no sign of her husband.

Alfred Wyatt married Emily Amelia Pook in the March qtr 1918 in Winchester. Alfred was 38, Emily 26. They do not appear to have had children.

At some point they moved to London and were living in Marylebone (56, Barkham Terrace, Lambeth Road) when Alfred enlisted in the army. He first joined 4/3rd London Regiment in Marylebone (service number 6436) but was later moved to the 4th (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers) of the London Regiment with service number 283679.

There are no army records for Alfred, but we know that he was Killed in Action on 26th August 1918, aged 40. He is buried at Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, 10 Km from Albert on the Somme. Alfred would have fought during the Second Battles of the Somme which began on 21st August. British Third and Fourth Armies began offensive operations on the same ground over which the 1916 Battle of the Somme was fought and made deep advances.

Maricourt, where Alfred is buried, was, at the beginning of the Battles of the Somme in 1916, the point of junction of the British and French forces, and within a very short distance of the front line; it was lost in the German advance of March 1918, and recaptured at the end of the following August at the time Alfred died.

No trace can be found of Alfred’s widow, Emily Amelia. She may have remarried.

Alfred’s sisters, who had lived together in Monks Road, remained in Winchester. Maria Clara died in 1927 aged 68. Alice died in 1931 aged 65.

In the 1939 Register, Edith Gertrude can be found living alone in Winchester. She died in 1958 aged 75.

In the same 1939 Register, Alfred’s nephews Henry Alfred Jones and Leonard Victor Jones can be found still in Winchester.

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