February Meeting Report – Jude Evans


Happy 30th Birthday, Little Tiger Press!

Publishing is exciting and challenging,’  says Jude Evans ‘It’s a good time to be writing.’

The range of reading products for children is rich and diverse with YA, a huge crossover.

Jude could not stress enough: ‘know your market.’

Know your audience.

Get to know the interests of your chosen age range and remain reflective of a broader society.

At Little Tiger Press, the character is the key.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Think; what is my book (super commercial, literate, contemporary) therefore, what is its ‘tone’? It is essential that the opening hook them in.

It is our aim that children WANT to read. We are introducing them to the ‘magic’ of words.

You should consider the ‘travel’ of your story – how will it translate into other cultures?

When you’ve finished your manuscript. Put it away for a while – when you return to it, you’ll be able to remain objective. Also ask for the opinions of it from those most valuable to your progress.

Then, think like a Publisher. An agent will already have a familiar relationship with publishers and will negotiate on your behalf.

Your covering letter should be brief and pertinent.

Your synopsis; no more than two sides. Don’t bombard agents/publishers.

DON’T GIVE UP. It can take weeks before you receive a reply.

Investing in business cards might be opportune. Use them in conjunction with your manuscript or a conversation – don’t just drop them willy-nilly at book fairs.

Jude signing books
Jude signing books in the Stripe foyer

Finally, Jude issued an invitation to all of us present!

For full report –  see the members’ Newsletter. Not a member? Join us for only £20.

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