Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace, Chairman of The Winchester Military Museums

Report by Lisa Nightingale.

Last night the HWS members were privileged to have as Special Guest, Lt Gen Sir Christopher Wallace.

A scary titled person?

Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace advised us all that he felt an affinity to the Hampshire Writers’ Society. So, when asked to attend as our Special Guest, he jumped at the chance.

So a friendly person?

It surprised many of us that it was the Lieutenant General’s education in Latin and Greek, underpinned a life-long love of the English language.

During commands of Battalions, Brigades and Divisions, it was the imaginative prose adopted by his mother in her letters that kept that love alive. A seemingly small intervention, a letter from a family member is often seen as a personal comment, but to the Commander, it became an inspiration to write.

An original person?

An appointment to the board of the Imperial War Museum, cemented the Commandant’s passion for the on-going legacy that our military leaves to us.

As writers we are advised to write about what we know, to write what we love and produce the story that we want to tell. How lucky are we if we are able to actually do that. Well, ambition, creativity and loyalty to the people around him both family and minions paid-off. For Sir Christopher, it was time to mix business and pleasure.

He began to write. Using his love of our language and adding what he knew best, three books followed.

Ambitious as well?

It was always the Lieutenant General’s aspiration to have them published just as he wanted. So, they were self-published. Each non-fiction account of military history cost around £12,000 to publish. The future commencement of his beloved military museums each set on noteworthy sites of historical importance, both military and palatial formed the motivation to keep his books exclusive to the museum shops. The costs were recuperated and over £30,000 has been raised.

Not a scary person at all!

Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace may not have needed the microphone, but he made us laugh and seemed genuinely appreciative that his life is also his hobby.

2015 marks the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. Once again, Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace intends to lead the campaign. Waterloo 2015 is to commemorate Wellington’s defining moment in British military history.

He concluded by telling members about the Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary Exhibition 2015, at The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, Winchester. The exhibitin runs from 26 March to 30 September.

For more information follow the link: The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum

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