June competition Winners 2013

by Hermione Laake

Dr Laura Hubner, senior lecturer with The University of Winchester, was the adjudicator for our very special Gala Evening in June, which rounded off the year of competitions. Laura has been with Winchester University for 12 years. She currently supervises research students at Winchester with their research projects on Comedy, scriptwriting and Fairy Tale Horror.

June Competition: Write a comedy Sketch. No more than three pages.

Laura spent some time summarising the pieces and giving very thorough feedback on each script. However, our writers did not get off that easily, as we forced them to read their pieces, which was made all the more illuminating by Dr Gary Farnell’s (senior lecturer at The University of Winchester, and Barbara’s Right Hand Man), animating and amusing delivery of Karin Groves’ character, Barry. Anyone who has resorted to internet dating would be able to relate to Karin’s dialogue. Keep writing, Karin. We are looking forward to the book, and the film!
This month it is worth drawing attention to the very creative titles of the pieces.

1st place: Grounds for Murder: Louise Tegerdine

2nd Place: Internet Match: Karin Groves

3rd Place: Toggles : Janet Cranham


Highly Commended (in no particular order)

John Quinn: Emma and Melanie

Joanna Graham: Any Incidents

Celia Livesey: Where There’s a Will

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