March Competition Winners 2013

by Hermione Laake

Adjudicator: Writer, Editor, and lecturer Calum Kerr.

Our adjudicator was writer and lecturer Calum Kerr. Calum’s recent Flash Fiction project, “365” was featured on BBC Radio 4, and can be listened to via the link on his website via the “news”link (Read by Dame Diana Rigg, Kenneth Cranham, Rory Kinear, and Emilia Fox). The background effects really bring the pieces to life.

1st place – Gill Hollands, for her piece Captive – Calum said he was suitably terrified by Gill’s prose. Gill is becoming a regular winner. Can you knock her off the top spot?

2nd place –  A Kind of Loving by Catherine Mortimore, our very own secretary Celia Livesey, (Celia is becoming quite a pro’ at giving our competitors a run for their money).

3rd place – newcomer, Tania Travis, with Opening Paragraph.


Highly Commended:

David Eadsforth in 1stplace. (David is also on our committee, as Events Manager.)

Hazel Donnelly in 2ndplace, with Time Lock.


Calum Kerr gave written feedback to all our winners, and highly commended.

Calum spoke about Flash Fiction Day, and his 365 Flash Fiction venture. He invites you to tidy up your entries and enter them for the competition—more details on the website.

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