February Competition Winners 2012

‘Love letters’

1st Hazel Donnelly

Gorgeous Dan,

I’m just home. Sorry I left like that and I can’t face speaking to you on the phone, so here it is in writing.

I’m sorry I embarrassed you as well as myself, but Valentine’s Day always makes me nervous. I knownow that you only went down on one knee to clear up the cat dish I’d knocked over.

Sorry I misread the situation, sorry I overreacted, and sorry I shouted yes so loud your mates heard. Sorry you had to explain.

Dan, I can honestly tell you that you are the most scrumptious boyfriend I’ve ever had, even though I get cross when you always pinch my bum – and I really must show you where the laundry basket lives.

You introduce me as your‘special girl’, you make me laugh in an ‘I can’t breathe’sort of way. You tell me I’m beautiful when I am perfectly aware I’m not.

I know I’m clumsy and awkward. My thighs wobble when I run and I admit I am a teensy bit needy.

So I’ll understand if you say no, but it’s a leap year, and I love you, so, I am asking ifyou will marry me.

OMG – just had a delivery of red roses – not my all time favourite flower – but yes to your question in the little card. Yes I absolutely will!

Love from your ecstatic, future wife.



PS. Ring me when you get this and you can ask me out loud!

©Hazel Donnelly 2012



2nd Hilary Gregory

Dear Terry,

I was clearing up the mess after you left, and I looked again at the knickers I’d found in your pocket on Friday. I remembered that Aunty Flo’d given me a pair like that – with the red dots and the white bow – for my 16th birthday and that on Tuesday, on the way back from the twins, I’d handed them to you, to wipe the windscreen.

Mum told me you dropped Poodle off at hers on Saturday. Then, all of a rush, Robin confessed he was lying about how you’d taken him to Christopher Hills and the vodka and the 15 film. Later, I had a talk with Dolly and she doesn’t hate you. She quite likes you and she says it’s not your fault you’re a male. Seven’s not her best age. I think she was cross I’d made her stay in to tidy up her room.

And, about your not being – cool… I looked at the photo again. The one you tossed on the floor with: ‘I love Karina’ on it. Honestly, I had to sit down. My eyes went all cloudy and then I got through one and a half boxes of Kleenex tissues before I could stop. Don’t try to imagine what I looked like. In any case, the puffiness has died down now, but I don’t want it to start up again. … I can’t go round with a hole in my heart Terry.

Please come back!

Your loving Karina

©Hilary Gregory 2012



3rd David Eadsforth

White Ford Cortina Mk1, 1600cc. Pristine condition internally and externally (all chrome fittings original and perfect), Boot large enough and interior spacious enough to take two adults and three children on long vacations in comfort. Very reliable; never broken down. Many original spares are included. Garaged for the last twenty years and very little used. Lovingly maintained by one careful owner.

Death of elderly relative forces sale.

© David Eadsforth 2012



Highly Commended – Grethe Ridgway

My love for you lies deep inside my heart. It’s wrapped in soft downy folds. Unwrap each one and there will always be my love. Your heart came from my heart, grown in velvet warmth. Beating softly in enveloping dusk until at last you lay in my arms.

I watch you now as you sleep. One arm curls around your heard. Little poppy lips purse in your dream. Soft silk cheeks like living roses. Your fingers so tiny, your nails so perfect.

My heart overflows with joy. I hold my breath as I watch you breathe. Your nostrils flare in gentle rhythm. My lips brush your brow. Your skin feels peachy soft. Eyelashes touch your cheek. You stir. Legs stretch and flex.

This moment will stay forever in my heart. In my memory, which not even a photograph can capture.

I can’t believe you are here at last. My perfect diminutive miracle. Sleep my little one. Your sweet innocence is fleeting. My dearest wish is to help you be the man you’re meant to be. I cannot protect you forever. All I can do is to show you the way. The rest is up to you.

One day, I may share this with you. Maybe, not until I am gone. When that time comes, as it will I want you to remember that my love will always surround you. You will never be alone, my son.

With all my love, now and always

Your Mother

© Grethe Ridgway 2012



Highly Commended – Jenny Brooks

Rise up Love

I am expected to write a love letter, but to whom?

Will he remind me of your touch, will he look and give me our knowing?

Can he know the pride of our brood that binds us?

The smile that could melt away my darkest mood, can he deliver.

Will our boys tumble with this new love when the moment is there?

Can our girls see again the adoration mingled with laughter that once showered them?

The silent times of memories will he manage to make mere shadows of those former passions?

Will I forget? And in the losing bring forth again anguish of the day that God took you; oh, too soon and oh, so young from me.

Can I write a love letter? Yes, but only to you.

©Jenny Brooks 2012

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