January Competition Winners 2012

‘Write the blurb for a children’s book’


1st Prize – Kirsty Applebaum

It’s weird, baby birthing.

For fifteen years you think your heart pump’s made out of blood and cells and flesh – then bam! Twelve hours screaming and sweating on a labour farm, and a good mother’s saying I’ll take baby now: your job’s done.

And you realise your heart pump’s not made out of blood or cells or flesh at all. It’s made of glass. Frail, flawed glass. Extra fragile.

Worse, it feels like your extra fragile heart pump is clutched in the tiny fist of the newborn boy.

So, as he’s lifted away, you swear, certain hard, you’ll find him again.

But step careful.

The newborns are guarded tight.

©Kirsty Applebaum


2nd Prize – Louise Pears – Moon Dust on Pyjamas

What would happen if a tree grew so tall it poked the moon?

‘MOON DUST ON PYJAMAS’-is a story about William, who just can’t sleep and is transported by a pear tree to meet the grumpy moon. He finds moon bugs with the flu and stars that are fading. So can he save the night?

This cosmic adventure sees William trampolining between the stars, dining on lunar ice-cream and whizzing down the biggest helter-skelter the world has ever seen!

‘MOON DUST ON PYJAMAS’is a story about being open to magical possibilities.

©Louise Pears


3rd Prize – Gill Hollands – FORGETTING

Tim snapped awake. Something smelled funny. Gummy eyes flicked around the bare room. Hospital! What happened?’

His mind was a snowy blank. He touched a finger to his hot head, felt bandages. His heart started to thunder against his ribs.

The door slammed open. Tim jumped. Strangers walked in.

‘Tim! I’m so glad to see you awake!’

The woman perched on the bed. There was no kiss, no hug, a plastic smile. The man grinned, hands in pockets rattling change, eyes like wet pebbles.

‘Who are you?’

Lost in terror he knew they were going to lie to him…

© Gill Hollands


Highly Commended

Celia Livesey, Janet Ellison, Pat Kerley, Ean Richardson, Sandra Curtin, Loveday Copeley-Williams, Hermione Laake, K.M.Lockwood, Stephen Edger. And ‘well done’ to all those who submitted entries.


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