October Competition Winners 2011

Lovell H G Taylor along with Celia Livesey were joint first prize winners for the 50 word short story in the October Competition.


Simon Hall stepped into the darkness of the room. One blow of the hammer had killed his mother. There was a note inside the biscuit tin which said, if you’re reading this then I’m dead. I’ve given the money to the Battersy Dogs’ home. I know you hated dogs.

by Lovell H G Taylor


Simon Hall stepped into the darkness, his body suffused with exhilaration. His phone diverted his attention. ‘Yes?’

‘Simon. Another girl’s missing. They need your help.’

‘I’m on it, Charles.’ He closed his phone. As its illumination faded, two eyes stared at him in horror.

“Now where were we?’ he grinned.

by Celia Livesey

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