The Men from Hyde – Charles Frank Dearlove

The parents of Charles Frank Dearlove were Charles James and Sarah Dearlove who had married in Winchester in 1882. Sarah was a widow who had married William Triphook in 1874 but lost both her husband and 4 year old son in 1880. She had a daughter from this first marriage, also called Sarah.

Sarah’s second husband Charles James Dearlove was born in Whitechapel, the son of a dock labourer, and he worked as a carman.  Charles and Sarah lived in London and Kent.  Charles Frank was born in 1887 in Shorncliffe, Kent.

In the 1891 census, Charles Frank is aged 4 and living in Bethnal Green with his father Charles (41, carman), mother Sarah (38, tailoress), step-sister Sarah (17, boot finisher) and siblings Annie Eliza (10, born Winchester) and Emily (2, born Whitechapel).

Charles’s father died in 1897 in Whitechapel, aged 46. His mother Sarah moved back to Winchester with her children. In the 1901 census she is living at 32 Eastgate Street, aged 48, and working as a dressmaker and tailoress.  Her daughters Sarah (27) and Annie Eliza (18) are both working at a laundry. Charles Frank is 14 and working as an errand boy. The youngest, Emily, is aged 12. Sarah’s nephew, a groom born in Ireland, is staying with them.

In 1902, Charles’ step-sister Sarah Louisa Triphook married William James Payton in Winchester.  In 1905 Charles’ sister Annie Eliza married Walter Ward, also in Winchester.

In the 1911 census, their mother Sarah is visiting family in Mansfield with her daughter Annie who is 28 and now has three children. They are visiting Annie’s sister-in-law, Fanny Rose (nee Ward).

In the same census, Charles is aged 24, working as a milkman and still living at 32, Eastgate Street with his step-sister Sarah Louisa Payton (28, laundress) and her husband William Payton (44, stableman).

In 1914, Charles Frank Dearlove married Ethel Louisa Wild in Winchester.  Ethel had been born in Winchester in 1889 to Herbert and Ann Elizabeth Wild. Herbert was a railway plate layer and brought his family up at 21, Victoria Road, Hyde.  In the 1911 census, Ethel’s mother states that she has had 13 children, 5 of whom have died. In the same census, Ethel, aged 22, is working as a servant for a retired naval man at ‘Cedar Gwent’ in Winchester.

Charles Frank and Ethel Louise had two children: Leonard (born 1915) and Doris (born 1917). We can assume from this that Charles did not enlist until around the end of 1916.

Charles joined the 8th (Service) Battalion Somerset Light Infantry (also known as Prince Albert’s Regiment) and received the regimental number 27875.  His records state that at the time of his enlistment his mother Sarah was living at 32, Eastgate Street and his wife and children at 8, Swan Lane. There is some difficulty searching for information on his army life as he is recorded as both Charles Frank and Frank Charles Dearlove.

The 8th Battalion was in the 37th Division of the Third Army and took part in several battles on the Western Front. The Second Battles of the Somme took place from 21st August until 3rd September 1918 when the British Third and Fourth Armies began offensive operations on the same ground over which the 1916 Battle of the Somme was fought. They made successful advances.

Charles would have taken part in the Battle of Albert between 21st-23rd August 1918.  He was Killed in Action on 25th August, though we do not have his service records to explain the circumstances. He was 30 years old.

Charles is buried at the British Cemetery at Grevillers (10 miles south of Arras, 30 miles north east of Amiens). In March 1917 the village of Grevillers was occupied by Commonwealth troops who began the cemetery and used it until March 1918, when Grevillers was lost to the Germans.  On 24th August (the day before Charles died), the New Zealand Division recaptured Grevillers and in September Casualty Clearing Stations came to the village and used the cemetery again. After the Armistice, 200 graves were brought in from nearby battlefields, possibly including that of Charles Frank Dearlove.

Charles’s daughter Doris married Arthur Stannard in 1935 and had a son, Brian C L Stannard, born in 1936.

Charles’ son Leonard married Edwina Gillett in Winchester in 1938; they do not appear to have had children.

Charles’ mother Sarah cannot be found after 1911.

Charles’ widow Ethel appears to have died in Havering, Sussex, in 1971, aged 82.

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