Marriage, A Journey and A Dog – Brenda H Sedgwick

Report by Lisa Nightingale

Marriage,AJourneyandaDogBrenda is a teacher of Creative Writing and a proud grandmother. For most of the year she teaches and lives in Sri Lanka.

When in England she quickly becomes the object of the centre of entertainment for the grandchildren.

Sri Lanka is where she completes the bulk of her writing

As a teacher, Brenda’s colleagues offer proof-reading and editing services. She says. Marriage, a Journey and a Dog went through sixteen re-writes. Brenda is also privileged to be part of an intimate group of Published Writers in Southampton. ‘As a small group we all trust each other’s criticisms to be constructive.’

The book has been self-published by Brenda using Matador, part of Troubador Publishing Ltd. Brenda reported that she has enjoyed the process. But, with some aspects of the publication process she felt that she had to redo the job herself – if she wanted it done sufficiently.

Marriage, a Journey and a Dog is a Romantic Comedy. Natalie, the main protagonist is a character that many women will be able to identify with. Natalie travels across France and Spain on the hunt for the hospital where her sport-obsessed husband awaits a lift home. On the way, she forms an unexpected affinity with works of art. They become friends, confidents and a housewife’s oracle. And then she returns home; to Eastleigh and predictability. But she is a new woman now. How will she re-adjust?

Book two, a sequel in many ways will be available to you shortly.

Marriage, a Journey and a Dog has been described as a great holiday read, a terrific road trip story with colourful characters. It is available to buy at Amazon.


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