December Competition Winners 2011

Competition were Celia Livesey (1st), Lynda Murphy (2nd), Gill Hollands (3rd)

Celia’s winning carol to the tune of We three Kings

A Christmas Nightmare.

I love Christmas – what a mistake!

Too much turkey and too much cake

On line shopping – eyeballs a-popping

Must go and have a break

O Granddad’s scoffed his paper hat

Bloke next door has killed the cat

I’m not joking – Dad’s back smoking

Mum hates that she’s getting fat

Carol singers call at the door

Dim the lights – then dive to the floor

Baby’s crying – no denying – that

We’re not here anymore

O double Eastenders every night

Stars of ‘Strictly’ shining bright

Fill your stocking – nothing shocking

You might give the kids a fright

Nan is sick she’s been on the juice

Sister Susie’s out on the loose

My head’s spinning – think I’m winning – but

Now Granddad’s turning puce

O spent the night at A & E

Boyfriend dumped me after tea

Lost all feeling – head is reeling

Dad’s just torched the Christmas tree.

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