Beacon Productions

Our blog post this week comes from Portsmouth based Simon Sansbury. A member of the Portsmouth Writers’ Hub, Simon is also part of Beacon Productions. If you have a drama, comedy or thriller you’d like to see produced either on screen or audio Beacon would love to hear from you – read on…

Beacon Productions is a not-for-profit group based in the Locks Heath area of Southampton. We’ve been running for over thirty years and currently have about fifty members aged between 18 and 79.             

Over the years the group has produced numerous shows. The longest running of these being the science fiction show, ‘The Adventures of Stephen Brown’. We’ve also produced soap operas, thriller series and short films.  

Beacon Nonsense

Currently in production we have a drama serial based around a coffee shop ’80 degrees’, an escape room show ‘Big White Doors’, a gameshow ‘Beacon Nonsense’ and have just begun a legal/socio-political science fiction audio series ‘Phipps Files’. As well as converting thriller series ‘Ninth Man’ for audio, we have a podcast and a couple of stand-alone audio dramas.

Zombies in a field – Day 66

Being a small group, our resources are limited and thus feature length films with a large cast, complicated set or location requirements present difficulties. But, set and location considerations don’t apply to audio dramas.

Knowing how many characters a script has, what genders and ages they are, what locations or sets are required (for film) helps us decide what is practical. The simplest things of all for us to record are of course short stories which require neither locations, sets or actors.

All of the output we create is uploaded to our YouTube or Soundcloud. You can find out more about us on our website.