Three Poets at Work Peter Dixon, Dr.Tom Masters and Mark Rutter

Review of 13th December Meeting of the Hampshire Writers’ Society

Three Poets at Work

Peter Dixon, Dr.Tom Masters and Mark Rutter


HWS member, Celia Livesey has written about the evening:

My husband and I were at the December meeting of the HWS featuring Three Poets at Work and we enjoyed a wonderful evening. In fact each meeting has been amazing and thoroughly enjoyable in a variety of ways.

The first poet to speak was Peter Dixon. He kept everyone enthralled with an energetic performance encouraging us to write.

‘Write about anything,’ he urged. ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s trivia. You don’t have to write about nature or leaves – write about a cupboard or anything, but just write.’

He went on to give a reading of the ‘Booster Boys’, a funny, yet poignant poem evoking memories of a time long past.

Tom Masters was the next up to speak. At first, during his introduction, I didn’t think I was going to be able to follow or keep up with the many ideas and concepts that darted backwards and forwards through his agile mind.

And then he started the reading. I was blown away. His performance was mesmerising. At the end I asked him if he had considered introducing stage performances of his work and he asked me if I knew of any actors. I can only say that I don’t know of any actor, who would be able to do more justice to this work, than the performance given by Tom Masters, himself. I would like to see a CD produced to be sold together with his book ‘Silence’.

Mark Rutter completed the evening with readings from a selection of his poems, some finished and also some work in progress. Again, a wonderful performance using poetry to weave stories about feelings and places.

What struck me most was that each poet appeared poles apart in style, performance and disposition. And yet there was a commonality between them. Each poet captured the poignancy of life and of the soul.

Many thanks to HWS for all the hard work, it really is worth it. We are looking forward to the January meeting with Beverley Birch.
Best wishes,

Celia Livesey.