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The Self-Publishing Partnership has updated its blog and Guest Blogger, our own Lisa Nightingale, describes her reasons to self publish, the inspiration behind the novel, character creation and her self publishing success. “I tingled all over at the thought of being a “Guest Blogger.” Lisa says. Go over to the SPP blog by clicking here to see what she and other self-published authors have to say.

Nightingale’s Debut Novel

Lisa Nightingale, long standing member of both HWS and its Organising Committee, monthly report writer and Blogger, publishes her debut novel on Thursday 6th June 2019. ‘I’m so excited about it,’ she says, ‘I love writing; I hope it shows in every story of mine that you may read.’ A Bite of the Past is book one of the Undying Love trilogy and Lisa is already over halfway through book two with book three all but finished! Intertwining their stories, Undying Love follows three young people, desperate to find love, family and somewhere to belong. ‘Meeting up with other writers, whether it be to celebrate or commiserate is special, HWS provides that much needed interaction. I wouldn’t be here, preening at this moment, if it wasn’t for you all.’ Lisa says, ‘Thank you.’


Kate Giles wins first prize at the Basingstoke Music and Arts writing competition for the Letter Writing category


Ten Little Astronauts has 100 Supporters

As milestones go, this one’s kind of a biggie. Ten Little Astronauts has reached 100 supporters, which was the target I set for my first book giveaway. One lucky person–revealed in the video above–is getting a signed copy of Robocopout as soon as I have one to send.

In terms of funding, Ten Little Astronauts is currently at 22%, so there’s quite a way to go. However, just the sheer number of people who’ve pledged to support it by this point is a huge boost. I’ve seen other books on Unbound published with under 100 supporters. If this were just an ebook, we’d be there already. But it’s not. There’ll be a super high-quality first edition for supporters, with a trade paperback distributed by Penguin Random House. That’s where the other 78% comes in, which will probably mean reaching another 300 or so people, but hey. There are 100 people on board already: there are at least 300 more out there.

If you’d like to be one of those fantastic people who gets their name in the back of the book and a ton of neat rewards along the way, you can pledge your support here:

Swimming Lessons Anyone?


Catch up with Claire fuller on her website, follow the link to her blog: and sign up for her newsletter.

Clare’s been busy preparing he launch of her new book Swimming Lessons, interviewing publishing world professionals and has been asked to judge the Jane Austen 200 writing competition.


Member Anne Wan Celebrates Snow Globes

10writerannewanOn the 1st October I will be joined by friends and family to celebrate the launch of, *Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices.* I look forward to a fun-filled afternoon with children’s activities, a short presentation and coffee and cake! Also at the event, it is my pleasure to be able to support the local children’s charity, ‘Smile’. I look forward to meeting a representative from the charity and to welcoming our special guests, The Mayor and Mayoress of Eastleigh.

Anne’s celebrations will be by invitation only!

Pledge Please – Aug 2016

Damon_L_WakesDamon L Wakes Novella Ten Little Astronauts has been accepted by Unbound. Ten Little Astronauts takes the premise of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and moves it into a hard sci-fi setting. Unbound is a crowdfunding publisher so Damon is counting on readers to pledge their support and get it into print (at which point it will be distributed by Penguin Random House) Follow the link to Damon’s book

Damon is also a regular member of the HWS Critique Group.


Paul Alexander Published – Aug 2016

Paul Ayres writing as Paul Alexander has been published this month in STORGY Short Story Competition Anthology 2. STORGY features all fourteen finalists and winners as judged by critically–acclaimed author Paul McVeigh. STORGY is available to buy on Amazon. Paul says that he brought an extract of his winning story to the HWS Critique Group and yes, we were right about the texture of an omelette! 51Rhz8iH9TL._AC_US160_[1]Follow the link to buy the book ttps://




See the authors displaying at the Published Members’ Book Fair  14th June 2016

Claire Fuller  – the latest

Claire Fuller’s book Our Endless Numbered Days has been chosen for the Richard and Judy Book Club and Waterstones Book Club.

Claire Fuller’s book in the window  of WH Smith in Fareham.

Claire Fuller ColourClaire Fuller wins Desmond Elliott Prize

HWS Member Claire Fuller has won the prestigious Desmond Elliott Prize for her début novel ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’.

Well done, Claire!


downloadApril 2014 – HWS Member, Dai Henley wins Silver Medal! 

Dai Henley’s book Blazing Obsession has won the silver medal in the adult fiction category of the 2014 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards.
The book has received some excellent reviews. Dai is now working on the sequel.



Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire FullerApril 2014 – HWS member – Claire Fuller is Longlisted for Desmond Elliott Prize!

Claire’s novel, Our Endless Numbered Days published by Fig Tree/ Penguin, is one of ten debut novels longlisted for the prestigious Desmond Elliott Prize. This annual competition awarded to a first novel has been running since 2008, with Eimear McBride’s, A Girl is a Half Formed Thing winning last year.

The shortlist will be announced on 15th May, with the winner revealed on 1st July.


Claire Fuller ColourFebruary 2015 – Claire Fuller

A great success for HWS Member Claire Fuller whose book ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ was launched in February 2015.

Our Endless Numbered Days (Fig Tree / Penguin) is the story of Peggy Hillcoat who, in 1976 when she is eight, is taken by her father to a remote cabin in a European forest. She isn’t seen again for nine years.  You can read the review in The Guardian.:

We wish you all the best Claire, well done.

Richard Cuddington

Richard Cuddington

Richard Cuddington, HWS member, has written the book Easy Reading Shakespeare,The Complete Works in Bite-Size Verse

Amazon Kindle have the book on their Countdown deals for 99p until midnight Saturday 18th October 2014. He is also planning to offer his book, The Canterbury Tales the following week.

Here in one book are all three volumes of Richard Cuddington’s Easy Reading Shakespeare.  This series offers an enjoyable and effortless way of gaining an understanding of The Complete Works of Shakespeare – all 39 plays!

book cover Richard CuddingtonWhether you are new to Shakespeare, a general reader, theatre goer or a teacher seeking to stimulate an initial interest in the Bard with your students, you will find here a fun introduction to the genius of Shakespeare. Written in rhythmic narrative verse Easy Reading Shakespeare is a simple and engaging read which makes the plots and major characters of each play instantly accessible, acting as a bridge to the actual texts.

‘For children who find original Shakespeare plays too difficult, the Easy Reading Shakespeare series can provide a wonderful introduction to the storylines. Author Richard Cuddington retells them in easy-to-read, fast moving rhyme, concentrating on essential plot elements and featuring only main characters.’

10669368_842678499105184_6157669697335244378_oHoney Stavonhagen shortlisted for Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize 2014

Congratulations to HWS member Honey Stavonhagen! Her first manuscript ‘Hope Grayling – the blind detective’ has been shortlisted for the Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize 2014.

41_ Lizzy WattsExciting News for HWS Member Claire Fuller

Claire has recently won the BBC Opening Lines Short Story competition, which means that her short story ‘Baker, Emily and Me’ will be broadcast on Radio 4 on 29th August at 3.45pm.

The recording will be available to listen to on the Radio 4 website for a week afterwards, and after that it will be available to read online.

Follow the link to learn more:

The story was read by actor Lizzy Watts, and this is a picture that Claire took of her during the recording at Broadcasting House.

Lizzy Watts, reading Claire’s story at Broadcasting House

It is wonderful that so many of our members are doing so well. We wish Claire the very best, and you will have a chance to meet her on 10th March 2015 when at our Members’ Spot, she will be talking about her success.

Wyckerton Cover

HWS Member Sharon Garrett’s New Book – Friday Night’s Dream: Wyckerton

Born in Henley-on-Thames during Royal Regatta weekend, Sharon’s life started with stimulating events.  She moved to France at the age of four and didn’t start school until returning to Oxfordshire at six. She broke in wild ponies at twelve, learnt to fly at eighteen but always yearned to write.

Her dream became reality in 2014 with the publication of Friday Night’s Dream: Wyckerton. It is a good versus evil story.

Forced to move home due to his father’s work, Alfie, a lonely inquisitive boy, soon flourishes in the new city but endures old adversaries, foils murder plots and discovers that, along with the other residents of Wyckerton, he is magic.

Writing as Nick Newberry, she said:

QM2 me2I wanted children – and adults – to be captivated by the charmed city of Wyckerton, but it was important that the book included uncertain life hurdles like starting secondary school. I love to read detective novels and wanted to bring in touches of Colin Dexter’s Morse and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes, while still packing it full of magic. The story took on a life of its own as Alfie puts himself and his friends in danger, cheats death, fights evil and learns about responsibility, loyalty and true friendship. It even includes a moral.

Wyckerton is the first in a series of five books and is receiving some excellent reviews:

Wyckerton is a fascinating read, full of magic, intrigue and dastardly plots. Alfie is a hero in the tradition of all great heroes before him: kind, unassuming and full of stoical courage. I simply loved it. – Sarah Mussi, Award-winning children’s author of Angel Dust, Siege, Riot and Breakdown

Being appreciated by uplifting comments and reviews makes putting your heart and soul into a project for years so worth while. – Nicky Newberry

See the 5* reviews and ‘look inside’ at the first chapter on Amazon.

Keep up with events on Facebook & Goodreads

Book two ‘FND: The Transfer Vial’ will be available in the Spring of 2015.

untitledWorld Book Night Celebration by Celia Leofsy

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to World Book Night 2014, it was such a great evening. It was my first signing event and I would like to thank all my friends and family for making it such a wonderful occasion. I would also like to thank Rick, the ownerWorld Book Night Apr 23 of the amazing bookshop at Lee-on-the-Solent, for organising the event.

The event was covered by Portsmouth News.




final cover jpegHWS Member Gary Troia has just published a book of short stories: The Complete Short Stories of Gary Troia

Gary Troia is the author of four short story and memoir books: Spanish Yarns and Beyond; A Bricklayer’s Tales; English Yarns and Beyond and The Complete Short Stories of Gary Troia.

He started writing stories based on his own life as a disillusioned bricklayer. He is a South-East London boy from one of the toughest schools in London. An unhappy childhood. Teenage years spent drinking and taking any drug he could lay his hands on. Bricklaying. Finally leading to him being deported from America on drugs charges.  He then put himself through university where he gained a degree in philosophy and Spanish, becoming a lecturer, wrote online articles, then taking a leap of faith and becoming an Amazon number 1 bestselling author.

For the first time ever, this collection of short stories by Gary Troia brings together, in chronological order stories and memoirs from Spanish Yarns and Beyond, English Yarns and Beyond and A Bricklayer’s Tales into one complete volume. Few have brought this world to life with such despair, black humour and indifference as Gary Troia. He paints a beautifully sad portrait of a truly messed up person with potential, struggling to keep his messed up mind from drowning in cheap wine and self-loathing. Ray’s spirit is trapped in a world of endless grey mundanity.Gary Troia

The ultimate “I hate this job” story, written as a collection of short stories and memoirs, each one revealing a snapshot in the life of Ray. Troia captures the tedium of working in a low paid, menial job and living hand to mouth. This book of short stories is sad and questions the reader to ask questions about their own life. This book achieves clarity without trying.

Ray has three expensive hobbies: drinking, drugs, and running away. Without the income that Bricklaying provides, he would not be able to maintain his chosen lifestyle, so he compromises his principles and continues with his trade.

A collection of short stories and memoirs that include:

The Cuckoo’s Egg. Boyhood antics lead to tragedy.

My Grandfather’s Shed. The making of an English key

No Comb on the Cock. Gypsies, champion fighting cocks, and career choices.

What I Did In My Summer Holidays In 1000 Words. Could having an idea ever be considered a criminal act?

My Best Mate’s Head. Did a weekend of boozing save Ray from certain death?

The Shetland Isles. A trip to sunny Benidorm, a chance meeting with some Glaswegians, and a cold, miserable job in Lerwick.

Pointing a House in Islington. Too much alcohol and cocaine don’t mix well on building sites!

Angel Dust. The peculiar story of a man whose new life in America leads to conversations with Ancient Greek philosophers

Peyote. Hippies, LSD and an idyllic refuge

Return Ticket. Handcuffed and ready for deportation. A sad departure from the States

When I Joined a Cult. Sober dating as Ray discovers religion.

Bilbao. How very, very English!

Teaching Other People. The grass is always greener-the escape from bricklaying.

A Week in the Life of Ray Dennis. With the prospect of no money for food or alcohol this Christmas, Ray has to find work quickly.Catania. A meeting with a Sicilian fox, some Neapolitans, and a man with a camel haired coat.
Advert In the Art Shop Window. Will a new building job in Spain be the start of a new life?

Gaudi. A flight to Barcelona for a kebab, and a look at the Sagrada Familia.

The Day My Soul Left Me. “To be or not to be? That is the question”

How Not to Travel to the Alhambra. Hung-over, the wrong fuel, the car breaks down. Will they ever make it to Granada?

The Road to Ronda. A terrifying drive to Ronda, was it worth it?

Poking a Carob Tree. A new home and new neighbours, just in time for Christmas.

Spain Reborn. No more commuting to London. Let’s celebrate!

Home from Home. A parallel world where the Spanish have taken over Weymouth.

Three Common Carp. An epic battle with a whale and marlin it is not.

Mrs. McClintock. An absurd farce in which a Glaswegian couple retire to Spain

Steak, Egg and Intensive Care. A harmless dinner leads to hospitalisation.

The Unchangeable Chameleon. Can a leopard change its spots?

A Bricklayer’s Tale. The story of a disillusioned, alcoholic bricklayer

A collection short stories and memoirs of British dark humour.

Here’s the link to Gary Troia’s book on Amazon