Book Fair 2019

Hampshire Writers’ Society Published Members’ Book Fair

10th December 2019 from 6pm – 7.30pm 

followed by a talk at 7.30pm from 



What are editors looking for?

with special guest historical novelist,

David Eadsforth

Programme finishes at approximately 9.30pm

 St Alphege Building Room 303,

University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester

Come along and meet the  authors who are all members of the Hampshire Writers’ Society. Talk to them about their path to publication. Some will have their books available for sale and signing on the night.


Meet the Authors!

Julie Ballard

Julie Ballard

Ex-Daily Echo reporter and former Southampton Solent University Press Officer, Julie Ballard has taken a creative swerve in her writing career and is now penning books for children. Her debut book “The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice” has just been published by EGMONT. Written in rhyme, the picture book tells the tale of an amazing singing dinosaur who loses her voice in an accident. Can she find a new way to SHINE with the help of her friends? The uplifting story has a positive message about resilience – focussing not on what you can’t do, but on all the things you CAN!

Julie Ballard bookThe author’s youngest son, who had a speech disorder when he was younger, was the inspiration behind the tale. “While our outcome was positive, I was aware this isn’t always the case for others,” said Ballard. “I didn’t want to write a book where the dinosaur miraculously recovers as not all situations end as we hope. Instead, I’ve written a heartfelt story with resilience and friendship at its core. It has a happy ending, of course, but perhaps not one people might expect.”

The book is illustrated by former animator Francesca Gambatesa and aimed at 3-5 year-olds.

Collin Espeseth

collin espeseth

C.D. Espeseth is married and the father of two children. He lives in the UK, and in his day job teaches Mathematics at a college.

Originally born and raised in the cold and windswept plains of the Canadian prairies, he emigrated to the UK when he met his wonderful wife and has enjoyed the busy and less windswept, but occasionally soggier life in the south of England.

Fun facts about C.D. Espeseth include:
– He has had a very spiritual, wonderful, frightening, and humbling encounter with a black bear.
– Once incited a small-scale school riot in his hometown by writing on a bulletin board.
– Hit a home run for his father on father’s day after saying he would. (Note: Don’t ask him to repeat this miracle)
– Has been pulled over by Taiwanese traffic police for being a very large man on a very small scooter. (The scooter was not happy about it.)

He is currently working on the audiobook of Awakenings – Knights of Salucia – Book 2, and the third book in the series.

My two books are a collision between post-apocalyptic science fiction and Lord of the Rings/Wheel of Time type fantasy. They delve into whether humanity deserves a second chance.

It would be for fans of G.R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones, Mark Lawrence’s Crown of Thorns or Grey Sister, Frank Herbert’s Dune series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, or Brandon Sanderson’s Age of Mist series which are some of my influences.

For more information on C.D. Espeseth and the Knights of Salucia series connect with him or contact him on:
Twitter: @CDEspeseth

Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings has been writing for many years and has an MA in Creative Writing. Margaret writes novels, poetry, short stories and has recently branched out into playwriting.

Short listed in the Bridport for flash fiction and long listed for the Bare fiction literary prize, her work has appeared in several anthologies and The Lighthouse magazine.

Margaret enjoys reading at literary events and supporting other writers in their writing.

We are the Lizards

‘We Are The Lizards,’ is her first poetry pamphlet, described as ‘disarmingly artless,’ by Maggie Sawkins, and ‘A quiet, tender book, which relishes small, everyday wonders’ by Dave Swann, it is an accessible book covering a wide range of subjects.

Lisa Nightingale

Lisa Nightingale has been a member of the Hampshire Writers’ Society for over six years, an active committee member for more than three of those. Taking a back seat to concentrate on the writing of her book, she will publish her first novel, A Bite of the Past, on Thursday 6th June. In her spare time, and when not exploring the countryside and coastline with her family, she can be found writing the monthly Tuesday night report, chasing speakers for guest posts and updating the blog. Lisa lives in Fareham with her husband and three children who, thankfully, she says, are not just willing, but enthusiastic to join her in an assortment of “active research”. ‘I love writing, it wraps me in the company of countless varied, wonderful and inspirational characters, not to mention enigmatic settings and stirring history – both real and fictional!” Lisa says.

“Teddy, mein Schatzi, this the Wild West, isn’t it? Murder is what people do to each other here … no one will notice.”

Over one hundred years later, Teddy lives in a manor house on the south coast of England, knowing nothing but the senses, emotions and memories allowed to him by his only friend, László. Because László knows best…

A misplaced stumble into the empty stable sparks a memory that is fresh, fortuitous and precious; Teddy is hooked. He determines to escape László and recapture his place in time, his inheritance and his family. But love and his internal demon have plans of their own for him. The question is: can he control them?

Does he want to take another BITE OF THE PAST?

Jenny Overy

Jenny Overy (headshot)[6487]Jenny Overy has spent many years working in mental health and education, running workshops around the country and lecturing at Southampton University. She is a ‘people person’ and her hobbies are in entertainment. When not involved in amateur dramatics, she sings in pubs and clubs and of course, writes.

She has been writing poems and cryptic plays for many years, prompting her to complete a course in creative writing. She later joined a local writers circle, but due to work commitments, had to pause on a few half-written memoirs and a number of short stories, and poems.

You’re Kidding Me! An anthology of poems 

MergedFileJenny self published her second edition of poems, which she hopes provides readers with a modicum of entertainment and inspiration, as well as momentary reflection. She likes the simple things in life, uncomplicated.

It’s best not to take ourselves or life too seriously, and we should laugh with ourselves, laugh at ourselves and laugh with others, because, laughing is the only real tonic, without any additives.


It’s hoped that you enjoy reading this second edition of ‘You’re Kidding me’. The title speaks for itself, and I’m sure, there is something in here for everyone, whether you are an avid poetry reader, or just an occasional dabbler, but do keep an eye out for what follows.

B Random

Gill Hollands

A passion for sci-fi/ fantasy  as a teenager led to her writing a first book aged fourteen. After a family and a career in law and medicine, came a chance to return to her first love for writing. Her inspirations come from science, wildlife and nature, especially the sea. She has been a member of the Hampshire Writers’ Society since its inception.

The appeal of living in another world, escaping from the mundane, endures.  Delighting in the weird and wonderful, sharing glorious flights of imagination, she draws you into fantasy lands and darkest emotion. The style will take your breath away and make you smile. Expect a vivid roller-coaster of action, emotion and the unexpected. For her, the writer’s reward is to take other people into that brand new world and show them its magic.

B. Random’s latest book, Ridership is out now!

Gill Hollands

Anthony Ridgway

Anthony is the winner of the Barbara Large Memorial Award 2019  for his wonderful achievement of being a published author of two children’s books. He is currently working on his third book.  Barbara was his creative writing teacher who spotted his talent and encouraged him to keep on writing.


Wizzy the Animal Whisperer

Anthony’s first book Wizzy the Animal Whisperer is out now as an audio book read by Sheila and David Suchet.

Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure


thumbnail_Seaside Wizzy - front of pcard invitation RGB 200ppi

Rob Stuart

Rob StuartRob Stuart was born in Germany where his father was a UK Ministry of Defense officer on the East German frontier. Rob has been a bookseller, civil servant, wine bar owner and EFL teacher. He has taught English in Cyprus, Kuwait, Spain, Germany as well as in the United Arab Emirates

University and Academic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London He is now retired and divides his time between writing and travelling.


Rob Stuart Book 2A Place in the Country

A tale of passions, mayhem and pagan rites in the idyllic countryside

When yuppies Mitchell and Jocasta Dever move into Yew Tree cottage in the Hampshire village of Itchen Prior they fondly imagine they’ll be starting a new life of bucolic bliss in a rural idyll. In fact, things don’t exactly turn out like that. What they find is a seething pit of incest, sexual jealousy, paganism, exploitation, sharp business practices, feudalism and murder.

A Place in the Country – whose galaxy of characters includes Sherborne St John, the lord of the manor and his scheming wife, Gwendolyn, who keeps her stable hand, Crux Easton, as a sex slave; Jed Smith, exploitative garden centre owner who uses the Bosnian student Jagoda Doboj and her friends as cheap illegal labour, and the deeply dubious Warren family – is a novel that takes a hilarious, jaunty, and also often moving and disturbing look at a rural idyll that is anything but.

Rob Stuart bookAppearance and Illusion

‘What do you know about Kesheva?’ Wendy asks.

‘Kesheva? Central Asia. Used to be a Soviet Republic but struck out on its own in 1992, along with all the other Stans in that area. Run by adictator called Aslan Dargan and his family. Floating on oil. Why?’

‘I’ve just been offered a secondment to go and teach the President’s son for six months.’

‘Really? Make a bit of a change from here, won’t it?

‘Do you think I should go?’

‘What’s the dosh like?’


‘Do you have any problems with a one-party dictatorship?’

‘No. I work here don’t I?

Dr. Wendy McPherson is a thirty-something academic English lecturer approaching a mid-life crisis. She has not been in a stable relationship for two years, drinks too much and is bored with her job. The offer of a teaching job tutoring the son of the dictator of the Central Asian country of Kesheva offers her a possible life-changing experience. But when she’s caught up in a violent revolution she finds her life in great danger and makes new discoveries about love and trust that turn her life around and give a new meaning to everything.

Brian Threlfall

Damon L Wakes

damon wakes - jan 2019Damon L. Wakes holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, and Ten Little Astronauts—the novella he submitted as the final project for that course—has since been published by Unbound.  He writes everything from humour to horror, and produces a brand new work of flash fiction every day during July each year. Damon also writes interactive fiction and games, and provided the story and dialogue for Game of the Year nominated virtual reality title Craft Keep VR.


Novels and novellas:


Ten Little Astronauts (Published by Unbound):

 The U.N. Owen is adrift in interstellar space. With no lights, no life support, no help for ten trillion miles, it seems as though things can’t get any worse. Then, they find a body.

Ten astronauts are woken from suspended animation to deal with a crisis on board their ship.

Selected from a crew of thousands, none of them knows any of the others: all they know is that one of their number is a murderer.

And until they work out who it is, none of them can go back to sleep.

Following a hugely successful campaign through crowdfunding publisher Unbound – which saw over 250 people provide 133% of the funding necessary for publication – Ten Little Astronauts


Face of Glass:

thumbnail_Face of Glass Cover“Written in a gorgeous, lyrical style reminiscent of the best of oral storytelling tradition, Face of Glass digs deep into an expertly-constructed world an anthropologist could not fault. (I am an anthropologist, and I cannot fault it.) Wakes hits a mark somewhere between fantasy and myth, exploring identity and power and arrogance in the vein of the great heroic cycles.” ~MR Graham



Flash Fiction Anthologies:
OCR is Not the Only Font:

Red Herring:

Bionic Punchline:

Osiris Likes This:


We All Saw It Coming:

 Blunderball ( new for 2019)- :

Games and Interactive Fiction:
Spoiler Alert (Megafuzz, 2014):

Craft Keep VR (Strange Fire, 2017):

Interactive Fiction:

Social Media:


Twitter: @DamonWakes


Anne Wan

thumbnail_Headshot - Anne Wan


Anne began writing six years ago when her middle son became ill. As he convalesced she helped him transform an idea that he had, into a book. This ignited her enthusiasm for writing stories for children. She started writing picture books as a hobby and went on to study creative writing with Barbara Large. Anne is passionate about inspiring children as readers and writers. She enjoys giving talks, craft and storytelling sessions in schools, libraries, and Brownie groups.

Having completed the Snow Globe trilogy, I have now released my debut picture book Manners Fit for the Queen. In this humorous story, Hector causes chaos with his terrible table manners. His sister, Isobel, has found her own way to cope with the mess. But how will she cope when they are both invited to a tea party with the Queen?



Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices

Can they succeed in their quest to help their new friends, and find a way back to Grandma’s house? A captivating adventure story of courage and friendship for 7-9 yrs. In a land of magic, snow, and secrets Louisa and her brother, Jack, are flung into a dangerous mountain adventure when they shrink into their Grandma’s snow globe.

Secrets of the Snow Globe  – Shooting Star

How much does Grandma know about the snow globe’s magic? Louisa and her brother, Jack, are determined to discover the truth. In this sequel to, Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices, Grandma’s story is revealed. But how much should she tell? After all, some secrets are best left untold…

Are you ready for the magic?

Secrets of the Snow Globe – Menacing Magic is the finale to my ‘Secrets in the Snow Globe’ series. Chaos rages in the world inside the snow globe following the theft of seven, magical, diamond snowflakes. In a race against time, Louisa and her brother, Jack, shrink into the globe and embark on a perilous journey to catch the thief. Can they retrieve the snowflakes before the snow globe world is destroyed?

You can purchase the books from





Secret Lives of Chandler’s Ford features short stories that are contemporary,historical and futuristic. The writers live and work locally. Each of the writers has their own individual style. However they wanted a theme to unify the collection. As they all love Chandler’s Ford it became apparent that there could be no better backdrop to their stories.

More Secret Lives of Chandlers Ford: A Second Collection of Short Stories: Volume 2

CFW book cover