Book Fair 2017

Gala Evening and Book Fair 13th June 2017 from 6pm

The Stripe Building, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester

Come along and meet these fascinating authors who are members of the Hampshire Writers’ Society. Chat to them about their path to publication. Some will have their books available for sale and signing on the night.

Meet the Authors

Lindsay Berry – L.A.Berry

Lindsay Berry

Faber Academy Alumna, Lindsay Berry, published a suspense novel, Silencio (Matador) in 2016 as L. A. Berry. She is writing a second novel set in 1961 York.

An ex-nurse and midwife, Lindsay is interested in human dynamics and relationships, and explores how unusual events affect her characters’ behaviours in her writing. In addition to novels, she writes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. For 15 years, she has resided in Spain during the winter months and in Dorset for the rest of the year. Her hobbies include travelling, dancing, reading, and attending local theatres.

Twitter: @writelindy     Twitter: @laberrynovels

David Bruce

HWS TTOTT David BruceFor his latest novel, David Bruce has branched out into another fascinating historical period, that of Anglo-Saxon England at the time of Alfred the Great.  The narrative covers the life of Aethelflaed, the daughter of Alfred the Great, and portrays her journey from young bride and mother, to councillor, joint ruler, and finally to Lady of the Mercians.  The Turning of the Tide closely follows the known histories of the rulers of Wessex and Mercia and provides an authentic rendering of the struggle between the Saxons and the Danes in the late ninth and early tenth centuries.


Di Castle

Di Castle _FLORAL COVER PICDi Castle

Should I Wear Floral and other Poems takes a humorous peek at on life, love and leaving during many changes in society over the last twenty-five years, while also celebrating landmark events in Britain. Included are more personal fun verses written for family birthdays, weddings, and funerals and adapted for this book.

The work by illustrator Denise Horn, has been likened in reviews to that of EH Sheppard of the A A Milne books and her hilarious, laugh-out-loud  illustrations again capture the essence of every poem. From the irritations of mobile phones, holiday air flights, weight gain, the ageing process and stages of life to the joys of love and marriage, the quirks of retirement and sadness of separation and loss, these poems open a window on many familiar situations everyone will recognise.

Di now writes for websites such as and as well as for Depression Alliance and occasionally Gransnet

She gives talks on her writing and journey to publication.
or on Twitter @dinahcas

Chandlers Ford Writers


CFW book cover

Secret Lives of Chandlers Ford

More Secret Lives of Chandlers Ford

by Maggie Farran, Catherine Griffin,Sally Howard and Karen Stephen

Secret Lives of Chandler’s Ford and More Secret Lives of Chandlers Ford features short stories that are contemporary,historical and futuristic. The writers live and work locally. Each of the writers has their own individual style. However they wanted a theme to unify the collection. As they all love Chandler’s Ford it became apparent that there could be no better backdrop to their stories.

Marion Dante

Dropping the Habit

Published by Poolbeg Press. April 2007. ISBN: 978-1842235232

Marion Dante `1

Marion Dante left home aged fourteen to spend thirty-three years in a convent.

Was she her Mother’s sin-offering?

When she returned to Civvie Street she said that she felt like an egg without a shell.

While recovering from cancer she discovered writing was therapeutic.

Fund-raising for The Fountain Centre in St Luke’s Cancer Centre, the Royal Surrey Hospital, provided her with a mission. Her effort has been recognised with an invitation to attend Buckingham Palace Garden Party 19/05/16.


Two of Marion’s novels are soon to be released:

Searching for Love;    Love….as Strong as the Tuscan Hills

Marion Dante   


Claire Fuller

Claire’s second novel, Swimming Lessons, was published by Penguin in January 2017. Reviews for Swimming Lessons include:

“Fuller is a master of cadence.” The Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

“A deeply moving read, that keeps you turning pages.”

“[Swimming Lessons] has all the observational touches that show Fuller to be a serious novelist.” Louise Doughty in The Guardian

Claire’s first novel, Our Endless Numbered Days (also published by Penguin) won the Desmond Elliott Prize for debut fiction as well as being nominated for the Dublin Literary Award.
Twitter: @ClaireFuller2

Instagram: @WriterClaireFuller

Dai Henley

After writing his autobiography in 2010, Dai entered the world of crime fiction with his debut novel, Blazing Obsession. It demonstrates how the powerful emotions of revenge and obsession can lead to fatal consequences. The novel will appeal to fans of police procedural, legal drama and amateur sleuth genres.

Blazing Obsession received excellent reviews and a silver medal in the 2014 Wishing Shelf awards for adult fiction as well as being voted in the Top Ten crime novel section from Bookbag, an internet review site.

The sequel, Only A Copper’s Wife, is due for release in November 2017.

Gill Hollands / B.Random

Always an avid reader, B. Random began to write as a teenager in the quiet of her bedroom. Sci-fi fantasy became a passion. Sharing a wild imagination by writing for children is her pinnacle of achievement. She has had short stories published in magazines and been placed in many writing competitions.

Alienship is her first book to be published, not her last. Expect a vivid roller-coaster of action, emotion and the unexpected.

Facebook : B.Random

Twitter: @AuthorBRandom


Celia Leofsy

celia Leofsy

The Company of Goblins

Celia has always been interested in writing and drawing. As a child, the stories and poems she wrote were brought to life by her sketches and illustrations.

The Company of Goblins, Celia’s first book, is for children aged 7 – 12 years and is fun for boys and girls alike, and of course contains sketches. Over the last four years Celia has given talks on Norse Mythology in schools, libraries and at festivals.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if goblins took control of the most powerful company in the world? Izzy Green is about to find out. Forgotten since the time of the Vikings, Izzy rediscovers a world of magic where elves, called the Ljosalfar, rule. They may have been forgotten, but just as in the time of our ancestors, they live alongside humans, using the power of invisibility, secretly tending nature, looking after forests, fertilizing our crops, and calming the weather. The Ljosalfar fly on falcons, ride bareback on hares, skim across the waves on whales. They are seemingly free and at one with nature, but their magic is fading, and without it, Izzy learns, so will nature … so will we! Masked behind digital communications and technology, where no one need ever see them, a new enemy has found a way to take control not just of the Ljosalfar magic, but control of our world too. But Izzy soon discovers the difference between good and evil is not always as it seems. Are the goblins to blame? In fighting one enemy, has Izzy created another and ruined any chance for change …?

Celia is now pleased to announce that the eBook of first book, The Company of Goblins, is finally available to buy online.

To mark this launch, there is a special introductory price of just $1.22 or £0.99. The eBook is available in every country for download. Just follow the link to Amazon via her website. See the link below. There is even a sample available to read so you can see if you want to read more before you buy!

Robin Mukherjee

Robin Mukerjee 2

Robin Mukherjee has written extensively for theatre, television, radio and film. His television work includes many well-known series, for which he has been a core writer, including Eastenders, The Bill, Casualty, The Roman Mysteries and Medics, along with critically acclaimed serials and features. His first feature film, Dance of the Wind, set in India, premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and won the Audience Award at the London Film Festival. His most recent feature, Lore, has won numerous awards worldwide. His television serial Combat Kids, was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama.

He is currently working on two feature film projects for the BFI, along with Hetty Feather for CBBC. He leads the MA Scriptwriting Programme at Bath Spa University.

He is a graduate of the MA in Critical and Creative Writing programme at the University of Winchester.


Dreaming of escape from his remote village in the Himalayan foothills, Rabindra entreats the gods to send him an

Robin Mukherjee Hillstation

English bride. When a saucy English dance troupe arrives on the run from a Bombay crime boss, Rabindra believes that his prayers have been answered. Except that they have no interest in marrying anyone. As the village begins to unravel in the presence of these scandalous foreigners, surprising secrets emerge from the depths of its past.

A story of true love, coincidence, causality and sacrifice. In some ways it is a love-poem to a glorious, intriguing and sometimes frustrating culture still alive in the far corners of a great continent, but slowly fading to the onslaught of the technological age.

The Art of Screenplays: A Writer’s Guide

Robin Mukherjee book cover

The Art of Screenplays is a working handbook for writers with stories to tell. Addressing the key issues of creativity and craft, its aim is to connect with our natural understanding of story, to demystify the screenwriter’s art, and to enable fresh, original and authentic writing. Working on the central premise that drama reflects nature, and screenplays simply echo life as we know it, the areas Mukherjee discusses include:

  • The Writer’s eye. How to gather, ferment and communicate story.
  • The art of action. Understanding structure through observation.
  • Who am I? Exploring the levels of characters.
  • Vertical structure. Say what you mean. Mean what you say.
  • Speak the speech. The art of not writing dialogue.

Nick Newberry

Nick Newberry used to sit up into the early hours with her father making up stories, and has continued this tradition with her son. When he approached her with this awesome idea, inspired by an old wives’ tale told to him by his grandmother, they spent two years planning before Nick sat down to write. At last it’s turned into the children’s novel Friday Night’s Dream: Wyckerton.

Eve Phillips (E.M. Phillips)

Eve Phillips photo

Eve has always written – from teenage angst-laden poetry to full length novels, but due to Dyslexia appeared unable to produce any kind of readable M/S until late (very late) in life, when she acquired a computer and with the wonderful aid of Spellcheck finally made it to print in 1999 with ‘A YEAR OUT OF TIME’, an account of her life as a twelve year old evacuee in WW2.

1998 she attended her first of many Winchester Writer’s Conference and had a ‘One to One’ with the late, great, Michael Legat. His interest in her storyline and following encouragement and support over many months resulted in her first novel, ‘AND ALL SHALL BE WELL’: the journey through life of a young boy, from an idyllic life on the Cornish coast, through WW2 and the aftermath of the Holocaust. Failing to find a UK Publisher this was first published in 2003 in the USA and was runner-up for the Society of Author’s Sagittarius Prize in the same year.

Committed to combining creative fiction with strong factual backgrounds, from WW2 to the present day, Eve has to date produced 10 books and is currently working on number 11.

She took the long hard road (and in 2003 it was a long hard road) to self-publishing with increasing success, now her books are sold world-wide on Amazon Kindle and Published in paperback by Amazon CreateSpace.

She enjoys giving talks, especially to schools, hosting workshops and writing Book Reviews for the Society of Women Writers & Journalists Magazine, ‘Woman Writer’.

With luck and a following wind Eve aims to beat Mary Wesley’s record of still writing at ninety. She can be found lurking around Literary Festivals and on her website:


A YEAR OUT OF TIME – Experiences of evacuation to a remote Worcestershire hamlet in WW2

AND ALL SHALL BE WELL – Book 1 OF A CORNISH WW2 SAGA. Francis Lindsey’s story is of friendships in war and peace; of courage and weakness, guilt and reparation, to the ultimate replenishment of his humanity in the aftermath of the holocaust spans 50 years.

MATHEW’S DAUGHTER – Book 2. Returning to her father’s Cornish Flower Farm from her wartime service in the WRAF, the fiery and uncompromising Caroline finds a number of problems standing in the way of her love for an enigmatic Frenchman.

THE CHANGING DAY – Book 3. A wartime romance between a shore-bound, single WREN and a married, sea-going Lieutenant seems unlikely to stand the test of time, while his estranged father and her rather flighty mother serve only to complicate matters.

A VERY PRIVATE ARRANGEMENT – WW2. Relationships and romance with a difference set in London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

RETURN TO FALCON FIELD – From the US to the UK. An intertwining of two love stories told in flashbacks from the 1960’s to the 1940’s.

ALL IN THE END IS HARVEST – A sequel to Return to Falcon Field. One young woman’s search for her past leads her to an abandoned airfield, a wartime affair and its legacy of love.

A VERY ARTISTIC AFFAIR – The eternal triangle: 1960’s Infidelity in the Home Counties, Resolution in Devonshire and Retribution in New England.

THE TURNING POINT – The need to leave her beloved Cornish home and an unrequited love sends naïve twenty year old Cassandra in panic stricken flight into the unknown world of Millenium London.

FEET ON THE GROUND – Cornwall in Winter. A beautiful but neglected old house, an ex-soldier, a teenage son, a sinister man-servant, a recently jilted ex-PA, a large hairydog with few social graces…put them together and what do you have?

Brenda H. Sedgwick

Brenda Sedgwick

After many years of teaching Creative writing and researching the use of language skills for rehabilitation, I have found the time to write a novel. My previous experience has been in writing poetry and articles.  Now I volunteer as a teacher in Sri Lanka 3 months of the year.

Marriage, a Journey and a Dog is the story of an undermined wife who makes it through. This is also the theme of my second novel, which is currently in edit. Both novels are entertaining and emotional. Described as chick lit on some amazon reviews I would think it was slightly older for the 30+ reader. The reviews from all outlets are mostly 5* and, surprisingly, some of those reviews have come from men.

Book cover Brenda Sedgwick

I write about where I know, so the novels start in the local area. The heroine travels through France and Spain in an old Fiat with her dog. Her experiences are not what she expects. If you would like to read this fun and interesting novel, it is on amazon  Better still, I would love to see you at the Book Fair where it will be on sale for £5

Blog/website is

twitter is @brendahSedgwick

Facebook is Marriage, a Journey and a Dog

Andy J. Steele

Andy Steele                    Andy Steele Book cover

I’m a children’s author/illustrator creating quirky, rhyming picture books for 2 – 6 yr olds. I won my first children’s literary competition last year and have appeared on BBC Radio Solent as one of “Julian’s people”. Since then, I have taken my “Little Characters Workshop” to the likes of Portsmouth BookFest and Encore Arts festival after successfully crowdfunding my second picture book, “Morty is going to the moon!” last autumn. I am currently working on “Yoga Bill” which will fuse rhyme and colour to create a picture book and reference manual for children wishing to learn simple yoga sequences to help them at school and at home.

isla_280x280.25453587_5lcbtj2yFacebook: @MooAdventures 


by MooFolkStories Browse unique items from MooFolkStories on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.



Damon L. Wakes

Damon WAkes

Damon L. Wakes holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, and Ten Little Astronauts—the novella he submitted as the final project for that course—has since been accepted for publication by Unbound. He writes everything from humour to horror, and produces a brand new work of flash fiction every day during July each year. Damon also writes interactive fiction and games, and recently provided the story and dialogue for Craft Keep VR, which has been nominated for a Game of the Year award at Login Vilnius.

Novels and novellas:

Ten Little Astronauts (Unbound):

Ten Little Astronauts

Unbound are a crowdfunding publisher, and ultimately it’s support from readers that gets their books into print. If you’d like to pre-order a copy of Ten Little Astronauts, you’ll actually be helping it make its way into bookshops through Penguin Random House, and your name will be printed in the back of every edition in recognition of your contribution. The book already has well over 100 supporters who, together, have provided a third of the funding necessary to make it a reality.

thumbnail_Face of Glass Cover

Face of Glass:

On an ancient island paradise, an ambitious foreign merchant overturns tradition. But even as finely-crafted stone gives way before steel, an ancient power seems to offer a lowly slave one slim chance to change his fate, and restore his tribe to its former glory. This power, however, comes at a terrible price: it threatens everything he had hoped to gain.


Flash Fiction Anthologies:

OCR is Not the Only Font:

Silly, surreal and sometimes serious, these thirty-one very short stories cover a vast range of subjects and themes. Written entirely during July 2012, these flash fiction pieces are accompanied by a deeply unscientific analysis of the challenge that spawned them: to write thirty-one stories in thirty-one days.

Red Herring:

Written one-a-day in July 2013, these thirty-one more very short stories feature a wide (and often surprising) cast of characters: a drunken angel, a baby-themed supervillain, a man who spontaneously turns into two mildly annoyed horses. This book is for everyone who’s ever wondered: “Just what would happen if Hydrogen quit its day job to become a country music star…?”

Bionic Punchline:

What do a squeamish torturer, an intelligent zombie, a newspaper-phobic superhero and Genghis Khan have in common? They’re all in this book, and their stories were all written for Flash Fiction Month 2014. With one story for each and every day of July–and a humourous analysis of the event–there’s something for everyone here.

“I have no problem with this, nor any useful comments!” ~Jasper Fforde

Osiris Likes This:

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up three thousand years late for work? Whether doomsday devices come with instructions? How reptilian alien impostors might really get on in politics? Find answers to these questions and twenty-eight more in the fourth flash fiction anthology from Damon L. Wakes.


Games and Interactive Fiction:

Spoiler Alert (Megafuzz, 2014):

Craft Keep VR (Strange Fire, 2017):

Interactive Fiction

Social Media:



Twitter: @DamonWakes


1 killer

10 suspects,

10,000,000,000,000 miles from help

Support Ten Little Astronauts on Unbound today!

Anne Wan

Anne Wan

Anne Wan’s debut publication, Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices is an adventure story for 7-9 year olds. It is a tale of courage and friendship as Louisa and her older brother, Jack, shrink into their Grandma’s snow globe and land in a silent village. They discover that the villager’s voices and music have been stolen by a mysterious villain. In a land of magic, snow and secrets, they embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve the voices from the villain’s mountaintop castle. Can they succeed in helping their new friends and find a way back to Grandma’s house?

Anne worked with horses then trained as a primary teacher and taught for seven years before having her own family. She began writing five years ago when her middle son became ill. As he convalesced, she helped him transform an idea that he had, into a book. This ignited her passion for writing stories for children. She started writing picture books and went on to study creative writing with Barbara Large.

Front Cover2 [1001978]

Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices

Secrets of the Snow Globe – Vanishing Voices is her first publication. She is currently working on the second book in this series entitled, Secrets of the Snow Globe – The Magic Begins. This sequel will be launched in October 2017.

To purchase books visit: