11th September, 2018

Venue: St Alphege, Room 001  7.30pm

University of Winchester, Sparkford Road Winchester SO22 4NR

Speakers: Tracey Corderoy and Barry Timms

The Making of a Picture Book

Teacher, and mother of two, multiple award-winning Tracey has published sixty books, ranging from picture books to those for young adults.

Author Barry Timms is now Editorial Director of Little Tiger Press, an independent publishing house specializing in best-selling picture books and novelty books for children.

Tracey and Barry describe the symbiotic relationship between author and editor.

Special Guest

Brenda Sedgwick, author


Write a story for under-fives featuring a dinosaur egg, a
football and a tea cup. 300 words.


Tracey Corderoy

9th October, 2018

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester

7.15pm HWS AGM report

Speaker: Ian Thomas

An Introduction To Games Writing

Ian is a writer, programmer, and games developer who has handled interactivity and storytelling for a living for over two decades. Most of his time is spent running Talespinners, a story-for-games company.

Ian will give an introduction to the art of game writing and narrative design, covering those disciplines a game writer needs to be able to master, and how writing for an interactive medium differs from more linear storytelling.

Special Guest

Allison Symes, flash fiction writer


Write a story outline for a videogame. 300 words.


Ian Thomas

13th November, 2018

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester 7.30pm

Speaker: Heather Holden-Brown

Literary Agent

The Path to Publication

Heather Holden-Brown is a member of Kingston University’s Publishers’ Advisory Board. In 2004 she assessed the food and cookery books for the André Simon
Memorial Fund’s annual awards.

Heather Holden-Brown, a publisher for 20 years at Waterstone’s, BBC Books, and Headline, and a literary agent since 2005, shares her experiences and offers
tips for writers to achieve that final step to publication. Questions welcomed!

Special Guest

Karen Hamilton, thriller writer


An air crash survivor’s account of the last two minutes in the air. 300 words


Dr. Gary Farnell, Lecturer in Creative Writing and American Studies

11th December, 2018

Venue: The Stripe

Starts 6pm. Speaker at 7.30pm

HWS Members’ Book Fair, networking, mince pies, wine bar and entertainment from singer, Emily Blackledge.

Speaker: Penny Ingham

Researching, Writing, and Publishing Historical Fiction

Penny is a classics graduate, an ex-BBC production assistant, now an enthusiastic archaeologist and historical novelist with three books published to date.

The benefits of choosing a small, independent publisher (e.g. Cava Books); why you should consider self-publishing as a way of landing a more traditional  publishing contract, and how to carry out research for the historical novel.

Special Guests

author Rosie Travers

and poet, Joan McGavin


Write a diary entry from an archaeologist who finds an interesting object in a field on Christmas day. 300 words


Joan McGavin, Poet and Lecturer in Creative Writing

8th January, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester, 7.30pm

Speaker: Lucy Courtenay

Get Started in Writing an Illustrated Children’s Book

Lucy has been writing children’s fiction for almost twenty years, is also a freelance editor of children’s books, and literary consultant and editor for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy.

In a highly interactive session, Lucy will focus on busting a few myths, running a short quiz, and discussing the relationship between the words and the pictures.

Special Guest

Madeleine Vaughan, writer for the Young Adult


Write ten New Year resolutions in the style of a YA character. 300 words

Adjudicator Della Galton, short story writer and novelist

12th February, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester at 7.30pm

Speaker: Edward Docx

How to Write a Novel in 45 Minutes

Edward Docx is half Russian on his mother’s side. Born in the North East, but educated in Manchester and Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he read English Literature, he has worked in London for the last twenty years.

He started writing fiction when he was in his teens and completed three unpublished novels before his debut novel, The Calligrapher, was bought by 4th Estate and published in 2003. Let Go My Hand will be his fourth novel.

Winner of the Geofrey Faber Prize, Edward explains the secret of crafting a plot and the bones of a narrative in a single session. He touches on the life of the modern writer, how creativity works, and describes the quick but essential tips that will help the author of fiction.

Special Guest

Damon Wakes, author


A last letter from a parent to their child. 300 words


Claire Fuller

12th March, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester 7.30pm

Speaker: Judy Waite

Creative Curiosity

Judy Waite is an award-winning writer of children’s and Young Adult fiction with over fifty titles. Judy also teaches creative writing at the University of Winchester.

Judy will use her extensive workshop and teaching experience in schools and on residencies to drive an interactive session connecting the writing craft with
innovative creative approaches.

Special Guest

Christine Hamill, author


Rewrite the opening of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the social media age. 300 words


Judy Waite

9th April, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester 7.30pm

Speaker: Neil Arksey

Going Incognito Finding an agent.

Neil has worked as a screenwriter, script editor, series story producer and head writer on a number of dramas in the UK and abroad. He has also worked as a writer, development executive and co-producer on feature films.

Neil’s midgrade and Young Adult novels are now published by Penguin Random House, but in this talk Neil talks about the challenge of finding an agent under unusual circumstances.

Special Guest

Dr Judith Heneghan, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies, University of Winchester


Write the outline of a plot for a TV drama. 300 words


Mark Straker, actor known for Channel 4 drama Kiss Me First and Batman Begins

14th May, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester 7.30pm

Speaker: Stevyn Colgan

An Englishman’s Home is his Cackle: Where has all the literary laughter gone?

Stevyn is an author (A Murder to Die For, The Diabolical Club), artist, speaker; and oddly-spelt Cornishman. He has been a chef, a comics publisher; and spent 30 years as a police officer in London.

The British have a long and wonderful tradition of humorous writing, with a wealth of hilarious stories and memorable comic characters. But where has all the humour gone?

In this lively and humorous talk, Stevyn takes an irreverent look at the history of British comic fiction, its current state, and where it could go in the future.

Special Guest

Simon Fairfax, thriller writer


Write a scene for a farcical murder mystery. 300 words


Stevyn Colgan

11th June, 2019

Venue: The Stripe, University of Winchester

Starts 6.00pm: Book Fair with stalls displaying books from published HWS members; networking; wine bar, strawberries, nibbles.

Speaker at 7.30pm

Speaker: Simon Hall

Writing Crime, Reporting Crime

Simon has been a BBC TV and radio news correspondent for twenty-five years, covering some of Britain’s biggest ever stories. His seven books comprise the TV Detective series.

Stories, anecdotes, and insights from the life of a crime writer and former BBC television crime correspondent. Includes the poignant, like Simon’s reflections on being sent into London to cover the first suicide bombings on British soil, to the ridiculous, such as what to do when you really need a dead otter. And why there is absolutely no sex in his books.

Special Guest

Professor Joy Carter, DL, Vice Chancellor, University of Winchester


Write a journalist’s report of a crime involving an unusual criminal. 300 words


Allie Spencer, novelist