Hyde 900 Poetry Competition

Hyde 900 Poetry Competition – Winners Announced!

Hyde 900 Event October 2018

The Hyde 900 event takes place annually and celebrates an aspect of the history of the Parish of Hyde, Winchester.  This year, the event will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and the theme of the event will be ‘Homecoming’, this referring to the homecoming of the soldiers from Hyde who fought in the war.

The Hyde 900 organisers have invited the HWS and affiliates to submit poems to be read out during the event.  The poems are to reflect on WWI, and if possible to refer to the Hyde connection; the men of Hyde who went away to war.  Many of the men from Hyde did not return, and the Hyde 900 organisation has devoted a lot of time in the research into their lives.  These personal histories have been made available to the HWS (they are listed below) and may be studied by anyone wishing to use them as inspiration for a poem they wish to submit to be read at the event.

The poems may take any form, including prose poems, and are limited to 300 words.  Submissions should be made to the HWS competitions secretary as normal by the end of September.  The poems that will be read out at the Hyde 900 event will be those selected by a panel; it is anticipated that there will probably not be enough time to read out all entries.

The lives and deaths of the men of Hyde

Below is a list of the detailed accounts of the lives and deaths of the men of Hyde. Throughout the coming weeks and months, we will be adding to this list and sharing their stories with you.


Alfred Henry Wyatt John Simmons
Alfred Charles Smith Thomas Page
Cecil Henry Offer William Thomas Munt
Frank Mason Ernest Charley Loveland
Albert Loader Harry Immer House
Arthur Percival Hamilton Harry George Gray
Walter Ernest Gilmour Reginald Bertram Everest
Harold Robert Everest Albert Ernest Brooks
William Jesse Bendle Albert Jubilee Barnes


William Tyler William Herridge
James John Mitchell James Charles Lovelock
Geoffrey William Lund William Victor Henry Loveland
Richard George Bryant Charles Phillis
Frederick Chapman Tyler Frank Dunn
Cyril Scott Charles William Gray
Sidney James Callen Harold George Barney


Alfred Wyatt Richard John Heard
Percy George Perry John Henry Rowlands
John Barrow Dunmill Herbert James Samuel Long