Next Competition

Welcome to our Competitions page.  Below you will find all of the upcoming competitions for this season.

Please note that the deadline for entries is midnight on the 25th of the previous month (unless otherwise stated). They are also limited to one entry per person.

Please could give your story a title – something other than the actual competition brief, keep within the 300 word count limit (+/- 10%) and no PDFs please.  Thanks everyone!  Further entry rules can be viewed by clicking the link. competition rules

I’m delighted to bring you the new competition programme for the 2019/2020 season!  The word count is 300, unless stated otherwise. 

September 2019

Competition: Write a travel article.

Adjudicator: E. M Davey

October 2019

Competition: A childhood memory of being read to.

Adjudicator: Claire Dyer

November 2019

Competition: The waiting room.

Adjudicator: Laura Williams

December 2019

Competition:  Write a letter to an editor pitching  a new book. 

Adjudicator: Caroline Wintersgill 

January 2020

Competition: Why I write and where it can lead.

Adjudicator: Paul Newsome

February 2020

Competition: Everyone hates this song – here’s why I love it!

Adjudicator: Joel McIver

March 2020

Competition: Write the beginning of a murder mystery set in the past.

Adjudicator: Claire Gradidge

April 2020  – Deadline extended to 31.03.20

Competition: Write a short story outlining a medieval farmer’s view of new technology (Medieval Black  Mirror)

 Adjudicator: Della Galton

May 2020

Competition: Happiness – What is it and how do you find it? Prose (300 words) or poem (up to 40 lines).

Adjudicator: Claire Dyer

 June 2020

Competition: Write a short story where fact and fiction meet.

Adjudicator: Tamar Hodes