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Welcome to our Competitions page! Below you will find all of the upcoming competitions for this season.

Please note that the deadline for entries is now noon on the 25th of the previous month. They are also limited to one entry per person.

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New competitions for the 2017/18 season

October 2017

A story inspired by an unusual object (300 words).

Adjudicator – Mick Jackson, author


November 2017

Write about the experience of living by a proverb (300 words).

Adjudicator – Mitchell Symons, author


December 2017

Write a conversation between a man and a woman at a ball in the time of Jane Austen (300 words).

Adjudicator – Cecily O’Neill, writer and teacher


January 2018

Write a fictitious scene based on an historical event (300 words).

Adjudicator – Robin Iles, Venue and Learning Manager, Hampshire Cultural Trust


February 2018

Write a dark scene in a fantasy world (300 words).

Adjudicator – Dr. Gary Farnell, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, University of Winchester


March 2018

Write 300 words, for readers aged 9-12, about an incredible secret that if discovered could change the planet or the people on it.

Adjudicator – Becky Bagnell, Literary Agent specialising in children’s books


April 2018

Write a scene in which a lost shoe is returned (300 words).

Adjudicator – Nigel Spriggs, author and scriptwriter


May 2018

The first three hundred words of a novel for general women’s fiction

Adjudicator – Katie Espiner, Managing Director, Orion Publishing Group


June 2018

Write a flash fiction story set in a communal garden (300 words).

Adjudicator – TBC